Phone Booth vs. A Knight's Tale




I enjoyed both of these; critics shunned them, what do they know? But A Knight's Tale has this quality of re-playability, at least for me.

Yeah, I like both these movies too. I like how "A Knight's Tale" is so gleefully anachronistic but really intelligent about it. I'm going with "Phone Booth" though. The movie is basically just Colin Farrell trapped in a phone booth, yet it was so suspenseful and well-acted.

Yeah, Colin Farrell did a good job in Phone Booth (although his accent got a little shaky, at times). I still prefer A Knight's Tale, though, just for its sheer entertainment value. It's a good example of a movie that turned out a lot better than it probably should have.

I like Phone Booth, but I love A Knight's Tale. The scene where they end up dancing to Golden Years by David Bowie never fails to put a smile on my face, it's awesome.