Phone Booth vs. The Incredibles



As interesting as Phone Booth was, it got a little old towards the end. I would be interested in seeing it as a play. But the Incredibles...felt like a live action movie, and better written than most.

I was just too big to watch and really enjoy The Incredibles. Phone Booth was a great thriller during all the film.

@MateoU2: I can't believe anybody could be "too big" to enjoy The Incredibles. Phone Booth is fantastic, and these two movies are pretty close on my Flickchart, but Incredibles has to win out.

Ooooh it's hard to say. Actually not really The Incredibles was one of my favorite Pixars films. I thought it was very original and Mr. Incredible reminded me too much of my dad which is funny. On the other hand I think Phone Booth is a really good film. I was impressed on how the whole movie takes place on that one street and the tension was well played. That's what I think now you pick.

"Phone Booth" was a very compelling thriller, but I've got to go with "The Incredibles" here. I understand the idea of feeling "too big" for the movie, and all I can say is...wait till you grow up some more. You reach a certain point in your life where you stop feeling embarrassed to like whatever it is you like, and quit letting other people decide what is and is not appropriate for you to enjoy. This isn't just one of the best animated or comic book movies of the last's a very thoughtful exploration of what it takes to keep a family together.


I'm also going with The Incredibles. Though Phone Booth is a great thriller.

Phone Booth is very nice and has the rather almost-cliffhanger ending similar to Incredibles, but Incredibles has deeper relations and is able to pull through even if not as entirely filled with tension as Phone Booth.