Phone Booth vs. Jaws



i'd like to feed colin farrell to the sharks! am i right?

phone booth is a good movie....believe it son!

Nah, Phone Booth is easily Colin's best (having not seen TIGERLAND), but only a few can go against JAWS.


I loved Phone Booth! And a part of me wants to choose it over Jaws, but I know that I may regret it later.

Colin Farrell's best would be In Bruges, but Phone Booth is really intense and a great thriller. Sorry, Colin, but Jaws is better than either of those.

I, too, love Phone Booth. I'm actually just a little bit torn here...

"Phone Booth" really surprised me. It was taut and interesting, with a great pace. In short, nothing I expected from Joel Schumacher. But against "Jaws?" Not happening. Robert Shaw's performance as Quint is too cool.

Enjoyed Phone Booth. There's no chance it's beating Jaws. No chance.