Avatar vs. The Avengers



C'mon no comments!? Two of the biggest films ever made and two of the top 5 grossing films. Only one of these is any good! Avengers FTW

My vote without a doubt goes to Avatar. The fact that Nick Fury is black in Avengers is a BIG mistake.

How dare a white character be black! First Hunger Games, now Avengers? How the heck is society functioning? I once went to water fountain, and there was a BLACK person waiting for me to finish so HE could use it! The same water fountain! ! ! Now we have fucking OBAMA! He's gay as hell! Me and my buddies were gonna go pay him a visit, but Willard's wife made the bags too fucking tight. U+me Spike, we gon' bring back the white folk in this here God-fearin' nation.

The Avengers gets my vote, but I love them both.

The Avengers wins, but I enjoy Avatar...no doubt.

Probably The Avengers.

Avengers wins. No contest

The Avengers wins, but I enjoy both very much.

Two of the most overrated films of the 21st century. Avengers is better though.

The Avengers is a glorified Saturday morning cartoon. Nothing wrong with that I suppose, but it loses to Avatar.

James Cameron has only done two things in the 21st Century. One, make an AWFUL Avatar movie that made big bank because of 3D effects and NOT story. Two, insult and attack Christians and comic book fans whenever possible. That's it. He's an angry tool past his prime. Who in their right mind cares about any follow up to Avatar at this point?