Avatar vs. Kill Bill Vol. 1



Kill Bill, Vol. 1

Kill Bill, Vol. 1 is a movie that took me totally by surprise. It was ultra-violent, but it had a good story. There were parts of it that keep it from being as good as its sequel, but the fight against the Crazy 88 is just hilarious. Avatar, though, just had so much going against it. While the CGI was good, it did overwhelm the movie to the point that you started to not care, or you wondered why they just didn't make the entire movie animated. Kill Bill for the win.

Enjoyed Kill Bill, but Avatar gets the win. Barely.


Vol 1

Kill Bill

Kill Bill Vol.1

Kill Bill by a edge.

Honestly both are classics and both are loved deeply by america but im going to have to go with Avatar, its a beautiful movie that you cant keep your eyes off of but despite kill bill being perfect too avatar is a winner for me


Kill Bill is perfect and wins this.