Avatar vs. Jurassic Park



This is a hard one for me, because both blew my mind in the visuals department when I saw them. But I think Jurassic Park is slightly better overall.

no contest. Dinosaurs win

This is really tough. You could call Avatar the Jurassic Park of the next decade. I vividly remember both original theater experiences but by that measure I have to go with Avatar. My jaw was literally dropped for most of the movie.

Jurassic Park...avatar is not a good movie, its just cool looking

Avatar is eye candy, not good cinema. Jurassic Park is amazing from the visuals, to the directing and Williams' score. It really one of the few flawless movies.

Hmm.. This is very hard. But, when I think about it, Jurassic Park just comes out on top... barely though.

"Jurassic Park" is freakin' classic!

Hard choice to make between current sci-fi and old sci-fi. But I would have to say Jurassic Park because of the characters and the dinosaurs and how they were animated were amazing for the time!


Both are jaw-dropping visually, but Jurassic Park was ... different.

Avatar looked pretty and that's all it had going for it. Easy choice.

Jurassic Park. Both are visually stunning.

Jurassic Park crushes.

Jurassic Park, any fucking day please!!!

Damn, this one is actually tough for me cause I love both. I'll go with Jurassic Park cause I grew up with it.


Going with Avatar for now. Great battle though.

My love for JP has faded with time. It might for Avatar as well...but right now....Avatar wins.

Avatar has lost some appeal since it's massively successful release. Jurassic Park is still great today.

Jurassic Park uses it's visual effects to help tell the story, whereas in Avatar it's eye candy.

Go home Avatar, you're out of your depth.

Jurassic Park.

Jurassic Park easy.


Avatar flat out sucks. Who in their right mind wants to see more of that crap? If a great film like Jurassic Park couldn't get sequels right what chance does garbage like Avatar???

Jurassic Park. Much more fun...

Jurassic Park is the more Original Film, but it’s definitely not my first choice of film to watch. Avatar is just overrated, and I saw it when it came out.