Avatar vs. Aliens



Who cares about CGI? Aliens blows Avatar out of the water!

If you think about from the aliens perspective they have the same plot. Gotta go with the xenomorphs though.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Good God, thank you. I really needed that with the stress that I'm under.

Both films transported me to another world, entertained me, and pulled at different emotional strings quite effectively. Exactly why I go to the cinema. Ask me which I'd rather see again tomorrow? Depends on which side of the bed I wake up on.

Avatar was a good movie CGI wise but it was just Pocahontas. But Aliens with Sigourney Weaver and the epic fight at the end makes it my number 11 movie.

Not a fan of either. But Aliens is certainly the better film.

the problem with Avatar is once you've seen it in the cinema, where the visuals take such a prominent place, watching it again you start to realise how poor the actual story is. i've tried to watch it several times since seeing it in the cinema, everytime i've turned it off sooner and sooner because i've gotten uninterested with the story.

I definitely agree with much of what Bigluke said. I enjoy Avatar, and I always will, but it isn't in Aliens' league.

Aliens is James Cameron's true masterpiece.

Both brilliant films, but I'm going with Avatar.

On second thought I'm going with Aliens.

Aliens for sure, but Avatar gets unjust criticism.

I really like Avatar, but it's no Aliens.

No contest

Avatar is mostly CGI extravaganza. It doesn't have what it takes to give Aliens a hard fight. Aliens has both the action and the right story to back it up.

Aliens very well film, Avatar never gone to the memory