Avatar vs. Star Wars



I was never a huge fan of Star Wars but I have always liked it. I feel that the amazement over Avatar is wearing off quickly but for now, the pick is still Avatar. Ask me again in a year.


Avatar is a very good movie but Star Wars is in another league.

Avatar is what it is, a blockbuster that will fade from the memory as time passes and more 3D blockbusters come out. Star Wars is a movie for the ages.

Really, REALLY thinking about it, I'm coming to this: Avatar, as much as I did like it, never gave me the sense of fun and wonder that Star Wars used to when I was a kid. The entire Star Wars franchise has lost its luster with me over the years, but I need to remember that. Avatar is a fun movie (and I would actually argue better-written, despite its lack of originality in story), but Star Wars really should win this one with me.

And now, with this ranking, Star Wars has jumped 100 places on my list, thus throwing my entire Flickchart into chaos...

I would like to hear THAT arguement. You'd probably be the first to make it.

Both suffer from similar problems, namely sub-par writing and acting. Avatar makes up for it with action and eye candy, though. All Star Wars has going for it is Darth Vader. And the writing and acting in it aren't just sub-par, they're laughably bad at times.

Avatar in 30 years will not be remembered like Star Wars still will at that point 60 years after it came out

In 30 years noone will watch dumb sf movies, like nobody watches today dumb winnetoo movies. Or do they?


I've never been a big fan of Star Wars (Episode III was the most entertaining, though), but I understand why so many people love it. My pick is Avatar.

Star Wars has been in my heart for over 30 years. Avatar lasted about 5 minutes.

Classic vs. Current litmus test. Time will tell.

star wars was good , but avatar was perfect




both are in space


Star Wars. Every. Single. Day. Besides, at least Star Wars had man made special effects and scenery. I felt like I was watching a video game with Avatar.

The first good space movie Star wars vs. The best movie since Titanic. The championship of movies is Avatar.

Avatar is peanuts. Star Wars is the true king of special effects.

I hate Avatar. Star Wars on the other hand, was a huge part of my childhood. It's still one of my favorite movies to watch.

This is a joke. Avatar is a TERRIBLE movie that looked good on the big screen. Star Wars (at least the originals) are epic classics.

It's not even close. If Avatar didn't have the special effects it wouldn't even be considered.

Avatar had breathtaking special effects, but unfortunately for James Cameron that isn't what makes a good movie. An original and creative story, good acting, and a well written screenplay do, which is something Star Wars had (for the most part; however, Mark Hamill is laughable at times) while Avatar was severely lacking in all three of those categories. On the other hand Star Wars is still an entertaining and enjoyable movie to watch, years after the effects have become dated. In ten years when we have even better technology nobody will remember Avatar but people will still be watching Star Wars.

I appreciate Avatar. It was one of the most amazing visual experiences I've ever had. And it loses. Easily...

Star Wars and it is not even close.

I really, really was just blown away for every single moment of Avatar. I like Star Wars, it is a classic for many valid reasons, but I love Avatar.

A New Hope. No questions asked.

Star Wars in every way possible and probably some that aren't. Avatar just is a dumb film take away the SPX.

Never cared for Avatar at all. Star Wars has been a part of my life for almost as long as I can remember and is a truly incredible film.

I prefer avatar by country miles.

Star Wars, no contest.

Star Wars.

Star Wars destroys the trash garbage none special movie Avaturd.

Star Wars easy.

I do think Avatar is better than people give it credit for, but this is still a no-contest. The first two Star Wars remain quite possibly the best action blockbusters ever made.