Avatar vs. Terminator 2: Judgment Day



Ugh... Tough matchup between two amazing movies by James Cameron. For nostalgic reasons, I will choose T2, but that may change over time once I've seen Avatar more than once.

Avatar is underrated, but I still slightly prefer T2.

T2, easily. Cameron's best vs. Cameron's worst...

Cameron, dude, can't you just make 3 Terminator sequels for the next 4 years instead all these Avatar sequels?

T2...but as I've said before, I have zero problems with Avatar.

Terminator 2 easily

Terminator 2 is definitely the better film. I never was a fan of Avatar. I agree with Mystic Spoon: Cameron should just return to the Terminator franchise instead of making the Avatar sequels.

Terminator 2: Judgement Day

Cameron vs. Cameron. There is not battle. Terminator.

I like Avatar, but Terminator 2 ist for me a perfect movie.

I'm not an "Avatar" hater, but T2 all the way for me.

T2 is that far astonishing..