Avatar vs. No Country for Old Men



No question.

No Unobtanium For Old Generals

AVATAR by far , but no country for old men is good by the way

This is a tough one. No Country for Old Men and Avatar are different but equals in a sort of way, so it's Avatar as my heart says.

Did Avatar have one of the scariest villains since Norman Bates and Hannibal Lecter? Nope!

No Country for Old Men. Both are great movies and couldn't be any different, but the Cohen brothers really brought their A game with this one. No Country for Old Men is nearly their best film (I don't think anything will ever top Fargo) and its story and characters are some of the most distinct and compelling ever written.

No Country for Old Men, hands down.

So many scenes in No Country for Old Men made my heart beat at like 500 times a second, like the hotel scene where Bardem is walking in the hallway and Brolin is waiting in the hotel room and it's all dark and he can see Javier's shadows. So suspenseful. Javier Bardem IS the scariest villain of all time, hands down. Can anyone tell me if Brolin died at the end, the end is really confusing for me. Was he the one in the pool.

Avatar was at first a visual masterpiece with a solid archetypal story, but repeated viewings (especially on the small screen) water it down immensely. No Country was at first an odd anticlimactic tale notable only for its suspense, but repeated viewings reveal many more underlying themes and subtleties.

No Country, without a doubt.

No Country may seem like a mere entertaining thriller but there's a lot to it beneath the surface. It uses visual metaphors to put across its point. You feel disappointed with the ending because that exactly is the point. The whole point is to make the audience share Sheriff Bell's frustration at not being able to cope with the new wave of crime represented by Chigurh. It's a hard-hitting and masterfully directed film with social subtext. Society is only getting worse with each passing year. Avatar can't compete with this masterpiece.

No Country For Old Men, may sound like a simplistic thriller, but if you watch the film and take note of the Coen Brothers' style, you will be impressed. The performances are wonderful.

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Avatar has the slight edge in my book.

For me, and this is myself, most films top Avatar. NCFOM is definitely one of them. I didn't love it but boy, it is so much better in every way than Avatar.

Anton is the winner...

I might need to do a "coin toss". Naah just kidding no country wins by far