Avatar vs. V for Vendetta



Why no comments, this is such a close matchup, for now avatar, but I could change later

No way V for Vendetta wins hands down it's so cool I'm sorry but I jut find Avatar really boring.

V for Vendetta wins, but both are underrated.

I agree, after watching V again, it's the clear winner

I might have to go with Avatar on this one.

I'm more of a Vendetta fan.

Both unoriginal cliche stories. V for Vendetta is pretentious and acts as if what it has to say is innovative and profound. Avatar wins easy.

It's a toss up.... but I guess I'll say Avatar for now.

Avatar crushes Vendetta.....

I really enjoyed both of these movies. However V is going to win just barely.

V for Vendetta


V for Vendetta wins this showdown.

Vfor vendetta