Avatar vs. The Abyss



What's the difference?

The difference is that The Abyss is more than a visual spectacle and, therefore, wins.

Wow, hard to believe anyone would prefer Avatar. I love "The Abyss" and have lukewarm feelings at best for "Avatar".

psssssh no contest, the most superior Cameron vs his most bland sci-fi


Avatar. Easy choice. Abyss hasn't aged too well IMO...

James Cameron has always been second to none in terms of special effects. If only he'd learned from Robert Zemeckis and put his screenplays at the same level...

Both set bars for visuals and effects while Avater is great its at times silly and most of if isnt original or fun-Abyss is smart and way more intelligent movie way better Sci-fi movie.

The Abyss is Cameron's much stronger movie.