Avatar vs. Watchmen



You know what, having reconsidered -- WATCHMEN is looking pretty bold next to AVATAR. I'm going to start referring to AVATAR fans as "Avatards," I think.

Both of these films were visually arresting with problematic stories - but the boneheaded dialogue and flat characters in Avatar are just too glaring for me to overlook. As strange and awkward (in parts) as it was, Watchmen had such pure moments of cinematic clarity that it has to be the winner here.

Battle of the blue people. Dr. Manhattan would kick the navi's ass. Wait. Maybe they are the life he said he was going to go create at the end of the movie.


For what it accomplished I slightly favor Avatar here.

I intend to give Watchmen another go, but Avatar is just more likely to be re-watched by me.

Dr Manhattan was not afraid to go balls out! Avatar can only become more despised with further viewings. The pure magic of the visuals is bound to wear off and once that's gone you've got nothing left. NOTHING. Just emptiness. Oh, I wish I had someone...

Dr. Manhattan can destroy every living Avatar, but besides from that, if one can look at what Avatar is without all the amazing special effects, it's not much. I much prefer Watchmen. It's more complete.

Watchmen ,Avatar is good but the weaknesses story wise are problematic imo.

Watchmen. I am one of the few who liked the changed ending, and Avatar is the mose overrated movie of all time.

Watchmen is a gorgeous movie; a visual treat with a better storyline than Avatar.

Not a single piece of doubt in my mind. Avatar. Would never see Watchmen again. It's hard to find a worse movie in the last 20 years. It's down there at bottom 2 right beside Vanilla Sky.

Avatar of course, being a film of greater issues and a more impressive visual experience. Watchmen was severely flawed (especially in the second half) but I liked it a lot otherwise. A bunch of scenes in it were pure inspiration (see opening credits).

Watchmen. I probably like it more than I should, considering the overuse of slow-mo, some really dumb music selections and cheesy make-up, but I had a blast with it. It's visually interesting, it's dark as fuck, it's crazy and it's sexy. I should rewatch it.

"Dr Manhattan was not afraid to go balls out!" Funniest thing I've read all day.

"Dr Manhattan was not afraid to go balls out!" Funniest thing I've read all day.

It's so funny, in fact, that I posted it twice.

Both great, but Avatar wins.

I had no connection to Watchmen or the comic when seeing the movie. I was not impressed. Avatar wins for me...

Like MysticSpoon, I like Watchmen more than I probably should, but I'm picking Avatar here.

Avatar every time even though Watchmen is brilliant.

I hated both of these movies. But if I had to watch one of them right now, I'd go with Watchmen.