Conan the Destroyer vs. Conan the Barbarian



Destroy all you want I am taking the Barbarian on this one.

What is best in life? To crush your enemies, see them flee before you and hear the lamentations of their women!

Conan the Destroyer was a solid sequel to Conan the Barbarian, but the original is better.

I picked Destroyer first, but Barbarian was awesome while I rethink of it and your commentaries helped.

Which one starred Grace Jones? Yeah, I won't be voting for that one

Barbarian is one of my favorite fantasy films of all time. It has a really unique style and feel to it. Destroyer, on the other hand, is far more generic, less brutal and less stylish.

Conan the Destroyer, but it's a question of enjoyment. The Barbarian is overall the "better movie".