Gladiator vs. The Bourne Ultimatum



The Bourne Ultimatum is non-stop gripping, intelligent action!

I've always thought that the Bourne franchise was dull, humorless, and irredeemably sloppy. That really goes for anything with Paul Greengrass's name on it. On the other hand, GLADIATOR revitalized a genre and introduced cinema to a whole new bag of tricks. It was a stylistic watershed even if not everyone liked the story. And Russell Crowe has much stronger screen presence than Mr. Damon, if you ask me, even if Damon is a bolder, more versatile performer.


The Bourne series is intense, intelligent, and among the greatest action films ever. Even better than Gladiator.

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The Bourne series is amazing. Gladiator barely wins this.

THE BOURNE ULTIMATUM is a great movie but the shaky camera is nothing compared to the amazing cinematography of GLADIATOR ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bourne slides by.

I'm taking Ultimatum.

Gladiator for the win but it’s close.