The Godfather vs. A Prophet



How has no one else commented on this? Two amazing gangster movies, both in my top 10 of all time. I'm gonna have to go with Il Padrino due to it being the original gangster movie, more recognizable actors (it's fun to see these guys younger), I believe it will last longer in public memory, and the fact that it takes place in more than two or three settings makes it easier to watch repeatedly. I believe I've seen The Godfather 8 times now.

^No one had made comment because there is -apparently- no comparison. Whether you like "A Prophet" or not, The Godfather is far superior hands down. In any way imaginable.

The Godfather but I think there is a comparison. Un Prophete is amazing.

Godfather by a landslide.

A Prophet was solid...but no Godfather...