The Godfather vs. A Clockwork Orange



I...can't....decide...ugh - both of these are amazing movies. not fair!

I only just noticed that these came out the same year. I can see why THE GODFATHER won Best Picture at the Oscars, but CLOCKWORK ORANGE is almost completely flawless.

Didn't notice these two came out the same year either, myself. But it is no contest, really. A Clockwork Orange by a lot. I can appreciate The Godfather, and even think it's great. But, the fact remains that it's an entry in a subgenre that doesn't do all too much for me: mob films. On the other side of the coin, A Clockwork Orange is wonderfully crafted science-fiction, which is so rare that I cannot get enough.

The Godfather. Both are Top 20, but The Godfather is more perfect.

difficult choice, but I prefer THE GODFATHER

Tough one, but I have to go with The Godfather...

Both Amazing Masterpieces. Godfather Wins Barely

The Godfather wins this. Really both masterpieces...but the Godfather is one those films that feels perfect.

Both great films of their genres. But The Godfather takes the cake here.

The Godfather. A Clockwork Orange is extremely entertaining, but it doesn't but the grand scale of The Godfather.

This is crazy hard. The only strike against ACO is that horrible rear-projection car chase scene. The Godfather, on the other hand, has a few lines of overacting, a couple questionable editing choices. For the first time in my FlickChart experience, I'm calling it a draw. (Though Malcolm outperforms Pacino and Brando and everybody. As a judge of performances, I'd give it to ACO - but then I remember that horrible car chase scene.)

I like A Clockwork Orange, but The Godfather is the more complete movie experience for me. Just superb acting, great story and tremendous characters.

A Clockwork Orange got more tits in it

I never liked A Clockwork Orange.

The Godfather wins and it is not even close.

They didn't come out the same year. ACO was released in 1971. The Godfather in 1972. Both are fabulous. This is tough....

a clockwork orange is better in any point on my opinion



The Godfather. No question.

Clockwork. Kubrick, man.

The Ravens won the Superbowl. Damn. I bet Edgar Allan Poe is rolling over in his grave right now.

The Godfather is the better film by far. Brando's performance is immense.

I love A Clockwork Orange but put the Godfather against any film, basically, and its a no brainer for me...Its #2 on my list! Brando's performance is the greatest of the film, definitely, and one of the greatest ever. Malcolm McDowell stands no chance against Marlon Brando

not even close.

The Godfather. They are # 3 and #4 on my list though.


Damn ,tough choice but clockwork wins barely...

The Godfather is the obvious winner.

It took multiple viewings for me to get round to appreciating A Clockwork Orange, but I loved The Godfather after the very first viewing. Godfather wins.

A Clockwork Orange is more entertaining, so I'll go with it

The Godfather.

im taking the ultra bizarre and scary yet delightful Clockwork Orange yes I do love the Godfather but i love the world of Orange more.

Yeah. Godfather any day.

I love The Godfather, but i'm choosing A Clockwork Orange here because it's my #1 favorite film of all time. But The Godfather is a very close #2


I would prefer The Godfather. Better acted, better shot, and has one of, if not the best, screenplay ever written. So yeah, gotta give it to The Godfather.


Two of my favorite films from two of the greatest directors of all time..Kubrick barely wins here but I love how Kubrick redefined the future of cinema that had no bounds or rules to define artistic license. Clockwork Orange completely stood out as a film before its time and is even more relevant today then it was at its conception.