The Godfather vs. Toy Story




What!? How could you pick Toy Story over the masterpiece that is . . . yeah, I'm picking Toy Story as well.

Toy Story for me too. I really donĀ“t understand why everybody ranks Godfather that high.

Toy Story comes close but c'mon, NOTHING beats The G'Father.

The Godfather- MASTERPIECE! But Toy Story has been with me pretty much my whole life

I think there's an argument for both. But The Godfather wins for me.

The Godfather. Toy Story comes close though.

Two great films. The legendary realistic film and the legendary animated film. I choose Godfather.

Toy Story is not my favourite Pixar, Godfather is.

Shit, this ones tough, but I think I'm gonna go with Toy Story to be honest.

Deliverance is also another great film by Pixar. You can't forget that one.

Godfather, Toy Story is however very close

I feel like I say this all the time on here...but...this is insanely difficult. Toy Story over Godfather. Screw the canoli...

Toy Story for me...So tough to choose though


Not...Even...Close......THE GODFATHER MURDERS TOY STORY! Both in my top 20 but the Godfather stands a great distance from most films in my top 20

I'm switching to The Godfather.

its a joke right?

This is an AWFUL comparison. A drama movie compared to a kids movie....

This is an AWFUL comparison. A drama movie compared to a kids movie....

Toy Story may be a kids movie, but that doesn't mean it can't be a great movie. With that said, Godfather wins.

TGF anyday.

Pixar sorry

TGF 4# TS 13# list for now

"Toy Story" is one of the great animated films of all time, but "The Godfather"' is obviously the better picture.

Come on guys The Godfather is good, but this is Toy Story. The Godfather may be a masterpiece but It's like comparing The Godfather to Plan 9 from Outer Space. Toy Story, no contest.

No kids movie beats The Godfather. No. Kids. Movie.

toy story sucks compared with a superior film i mind the godfather