The Godfather vs. Spider-Man



Spider-Man is thoroughly entertaining but falls apart on repeated viewings, due to its one dimensional characters and corny dialogue. The Godfather holds up in every department.

Spider-Man is an all-time classic and so very well done. The characters are rich and the film is fun yet well written. Still, this is THE GODFATHER we're talking about here. Leave the gun. Take the cannoli. Down goes the web-head.

I can't believe what I'm reading...

The Godfather is a Marvel movie after all...


Spider-Man is good, but come on...

The Godfather easily wins this.

The Godfather.

I really like The Godfather and while it's the "better" film I personally enjoy Spider-Man more.

Is this even a discussion. Tobey Maguire is no Marlon Brando.

sobbb kota gandu


Finally an enemy even Raimi's outstanding game changer film can't beat.