The Godfather vs. Once Upon a Time in America



If I had to pick one of these movies to be the only one I get to watch ever again in life I'd pick: The Godfather

i pick Once Upon a Time In America Because, the godfather is slowly and Once Upon is more entertaining and have a better ending scene So i pick Once Upon a Time In America (1984)

The Godfather. Once upon a time in America drags way too much

America is the best mob movie ever and the godfather is great but nothing beats once upon a time in america

Both are great gangsters movies, but my pick is for america!


The Godfather is the dramatic riveting winner here.

The Godfather is the clear winner here without question.

i change my opinion and im gonna say The Godfather is superior compared to america

The Godfather by miles. America is a tad bit too long for me to watch again. Amazing movie, but nearly impossible to rewatch