The Godfather vs. The Social Network




Critics have been comparing The Social Network to films like The Godfather and Citizen Cane. I don't know if I think they're comparable, but I will say . . . I like Social Network more. :X

I never understood those comparisons between The Social Network and timeless classics,really. Godfather take this one EASILY.

Both great films of their era. But im giving this one to The Godfather. Both can be compared though.

I love both of these which is why this is really hard. Godfather.

The Godfather. Both have great dialogue projection.

The Godfather vs. The Social Network. What one heck of a matchup. Jesse Eisenberg and Marlon Brando are amazing in their roles of Mark Zuckerberg and Vito Corleone. I personally thought Eisenberg deserved an Oscar for his role, not just then nomination, on the other hand, Marlon got a well deserved Oscar with possibly his best performance of all time (arguably). Both films are rich in dialogue and story. I must say at the end of the day that The Godfather is better and I enjoy it more than The Social Network. Coppola only made about 5 masterpieces but all of them put him in the books as one of the greatest.

Godfather is a masterpiece. So is Social Network, but not like Godfather.

The social network is more my kind of movie. Love both social network edges out though

I don't understand how murderous criminals of the mafia seem like more likable characters than those in The Social Network. Is it because the're honorable men in a dishonorable business, or is it because Fincher--unlike Coppola--couldn't make us give two shits about his characters? In terms of cinematic technique The Social Network is up there with the very best; but as a story that engages us and moves us, it's a forgettable failure. Ergo The Godfather by destruction.

I just liked the tone and style of the Godfather more!