The Godfather vs. There Will Be Blood



2 very different classics from 2 very different decades. tough choice, but i'm playing it safe

Classic choice! Two of the best movies of their time. In time this might change, but I grew up on The Godfather.

As great as Daniel Day-Lewis and P.T. Anderson are, the combination of Coppola, Brando, Pacino, Caan and Duvall has to win out.


I think Im going TWBB!!


I said there will be blood! I didn't vote the godfather! There will be blood is arguably my fave film of all time!


U dick heads! I voted for there will be blood, bunch of cheaters, too scared to see TWBB topple the godfather obviously!

LOL at seb having a fit. Dude, you gotta rank The Godfather before it counts your vote. Your wrong vote that is, eh? Eh? ;)


Oh shit, godfather isn't on my list yet! Major blunder on my behalf. Ok, I'll rate it now and vote TWBB

i love the godfather but it doesn't have the heart twbb does

Going with The Godfather. Much more powerful than TWBB.

The Godfather. But both two accomplishments in Hollywood history.

TWBB for me.The Godfather was a little long.And the pacing was uneven in my opinion.

The Godfather is a classic and there's no denying that.But I won't vote for it solely on its reputation.There Will Be Blood is a modern classic and people will appreciate it more as time goes by.

Both are fabulous but I prefer TWBB.

This may look desperate but I'm voting for TWBB again D:


There Will Be Blood is an epic of the 21st century, but The Godfather is better to me.


Yes, a milkshake please. Oil flavoured. I DRINK IT UP!

why are the same people voting again...

& again..

& again...

its unfair.

There Will Be Blood.

TWBB's grown on me.

I gotta say TWBB beats the classic Godfather

The Godfather. No question about it.

The Godfather wins and frankly it isn't close.

TWBB has so many masterful scenes, but "The Godfather" has so many perfect scenes. Though it is quite close.

Daniel wins this one

I'll go with TWBB for now,but I need to rewatch The Godfather.

The Godfather easily, and I love There Will be Blood.


I consider these films equals in almost every way, but I pick TWBB for Jonny Greenwood's incredible score (and I just like it more).

Well crap.

Epic battle: "I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse” vs. “I drink your milkshake!” Two of the top 10 male performances of all time. Although TGF is the proper choice, I’m going with TWBB. Just more my kind of movie.

I'm going with There Will Be Blood

The script: Don Corleone: "Hey Daniel, I'm going to make you an offer you can't refuse." Daniel Plainview: "Okay Don, but before you make the offer, I'm a bit thirsty. May I have a sip of your milkshake?"

banchod nononsense

The Godfather. Though TWBB is P.T. Andersons best work in my opinion.

The Godfather but both are the best films of their decade

Both are the best classics in history, but TWBB is certainly the better film.

TWBB is amazing but The Godfather is beyond perfect.

TWBB by far.

There will be blood pure too good.


Two of the finest films of all time. I gravitate slightly towards TWBB.

Godfather may be more influential and important to cinema but Daniel Plainview is a much more interesting character than either Michael or Vito Corleone. In the film-making department, they're practically tied but TWBB gets the slight edge for me personally.

I'll choose The Godfather. All the characters are complex in both. I think Daniel Day-Lewis and Al Pacino both give amazing performances with Day-Lewis getting a slight edge, and Brando pulling over both of them. The Godfather is overall a deeper and more emotionally resonant and even a more intelligently-written film for me. So yeah, I'll go with The Godfather, but it's so close