The Godfather vs. Citizen Kane



2 of the greatest ever. will just have to chose the one that entertains me the most

I don't think I can possibly choose between these two as they are two of the greatest American films ever made and two of my personal favourites. I think I'll have to click blindly with their mouths!

Godfather....that is all...

Two great landmarks in American film, I must say The Godfather is the better overall film in general. It also has a better re-watch factor than CK. The acting is superb and deserved its Best Picture award.

i had to stop on this choice because it hurt my do you firckin choose??

The Godfather is a far more entertaining film.

Godfather in a landslide.

The Godfather easily, Citizen Kane was more of a technical achievement than anything just like 2001 was but the Godfather is an achievement in Storytelling, Film-making and characters. To me the Godfather is the greatest movie of all time

Citizen Kane is the Citizen Kane of.. uh.. nevermind. Anyway, I don't like The Godfather; it feels too constructed.

Wow! What a one-sided contest this is turning out to be!


Talk about one-sided...

Love The Godfather and I'm gonna give it my vote, but I'll echo what UncleFok said. There's two things I hold against it - as he mentioned, it feels too constructed some of the time. Not all of the time. Not for me, anyway. My other complaint being its final hour. Michael's inheriting the throne has always felt kind of uneventful to me and the final hour or so takes a drop as a result. It's just not as good as the stuff that comes before it. Still, it wins against Citizen Kane, for sure.

I like the Godfather more than Kane. To be honest, when I saw Kane some years back, I knew why the film is regarded as a monumental achievement, why its worshipped among critics & filmmakers alike. The film is like light years ahead of its time- the dialogues are smart & realistic, there are hardly any scenes of theatrical overacting, every moment is exquisitely photographed using deep focus- in short, it is really different from contemporary movies. Not only that, it is an essential arthouse masterpiece that should be watched by every aspiring directors & actors because it shows that a great movie can be made without an enormous budget, lots of fancy technologies & without a really amazing plot. But I do consider the Godfather as the better movie as it is, atleast in my opinion, an all around masterpiece. Although Kane is not 1 of my personal favourites, yet I understand why it is hailed as an epoch making achievement.

The Godfather is far more worthy of the title of 'Greatest Film Ever Made'.

Yeah, Citizen Kane is very good, but can't touch The Godfather.

Quite surprising to see The Godfather on a big winning streak in this match-up. Citizen Kane was a landmark in cinema, but I have to agree with the above and call The Godfather superior.

Citizen is a masterpiece but is robbing Godfather's first place on AFI's top 100.

I don't get why Kane is #1 on so many charts on the internet. It's a great film, but it can't touch The Godfather.

I respect the godfather but i feel the length of the movie each time i see it and sometimes it feels like a chore while i can watch Kane anytime and be enthralled.

I thought there'd be a little more of a split here. Have to confess The Godfather never did anything for me. I don't hate it or anything, and I get why film aficionados love it. It's just not for me. Felt like so much talent, passion, and skill on the part of so many put into making a soap opera. Citizen Kane for me and it wasn't even really close.

Citizen Kane is better and it's not really that close.

Citizen Kane FTW (Biker)

Will the AFI ever come to their senses and realise The Godfather is better than Citizen Kane?

Rich men do it better!

citizen kane

Godfather no questiion

Definetely Citizen Kane

Arguably two of the best films of all time. Citizen Kane is a cinematic masterpiece but The Godfather is a perfect film because of its acting, film score, cinematography and everything else. I can see why both these films are regarded as the finest films of all time. But i would have to choose The Godfather.

The Godfather

Citizen Kane is a much stronger and deeper film in my opinion. Orson Welles performance is also way more layered and multifaceted than any in The Godfather. The first half is a little slow but its ending is much more of a gutpunch. Michael's relationship with his Italian wife is undeveloped so I feel no sadness when she dies. I was surprised when I watched it because while it's good I think that Citizen Kane is better in pretty much every aspect, better characters, better drama, harsher tragedy, more poignant themes, I am not trying to sound like a snob I am 17 I just think Citizen Kane was much more powerful and much better written with a protagonist whose growth is the forefront of the story rather than a side addition.

The Godfather just stuck with me. I respect Citizen Kane, but I don't love it.

Two of the best-quality films ever made, no question, as well as being among my favorites. That being said, I love The Godfather just a bit more.

Today citizen kane tomorrow tbe godfathrr and so on.

I adore both of these films. They're both phenomenal. I think Citizen Kane is better on all technical aspects apart from film score, but The Godfather has a better story by a literal landslide

THE GODFATHER has always been tops for me, though, so it gets my vote here. However, the best performance in either of these films was Orson Welles as Charles Foster Kane. He was absolutely brilliant.

On rewatching both of these movies, it's become extremely close. I think they both have similar things. Flawless scripts (But The Godfather does win here), flawless cinematography (albeit Citizen Kane edges out here), fantastic acting, etc. Personally, though, I have to give it to The Godfather. While I think these two are near equal and equally deserving of the title of best films ever made, I do personally just enjoy The Godfather more. I feel like it had more depth and was a more layered story. It had more memorable and well written characters and a better soundtrack to increase the quality of the already near-perfect story

Godfather stomps the living shit out of Citizen Kane

Easily The Godfather. Hopefully the AFI will come to terms with reality one day.

Sure Kane may have been innovative in storytelling but The Godfather is just perfect. The acting is better, the directing is better, it is a better tragedy, better music, etc.

The godfather is just the greatest thing of all time. Nothing beats this movie. Citizen kane will always be so remembered for me. Its so great. Its just super fantastic in every way. Everything is absolutely perfect. I wish it was a stronger word for perfect because i cant describe how great this movies is. But the godfather is just the ultimate movie and nothing will ever beat it in my opinion. So the godfather wins.