The Godfather vs. One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest



Tough one...

The Godfather is the #2 best picture of all time (Second to The Godfather Part II)


It's medication time. Jack Nicholson is my favorite actor and this was his finest hour.

Not that Cuckoo's Nest is bad; far from it, but The Godfather is one of the greatest movies ever made.

Both easily in the top ten movies of all time. Maybe top five. The question is - where?

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest is easier to relate to, whereas the Godfather is the apotheosis of cinematic achievement. My vote goes to Cuckoo's Nest because no film has ever given me a character with levels like McMurphy in the perfect environment for his archetype.

The Godfather takes it out, from acting, storyline, cinematography, FX and nearly everything (including climax)

Cuckoo's Nest is a far, far better book. This makes Coppola's achievement more remarkable and astonishing.

Not even close. The Godfather wins HANDILY.

The Godfather is king.

Sonny Corleone participating in Nurse Ratched's group therapy sessions -- now THAT'S a movie!

Top movie. Godfather it is.

I agree that the godfather is the superior film, but if both of them were on tv I'll easily watch OFOTCN any day of the week.

Wasn't Jack Nicholson originally asked to play Michael Corleone? Doesn't that sound awesome? (Although to be honest, Al Pacino fits the part like a glove)

The Godfather. It's just too damn good....

The Godfather!


The Godfather massacres.

The Godfather.... for sure.

Watch both these films for the first time in high school. Of course I didn't want to rank them until I saw them at home each in one sitting. Godfather comes out on top, though Cuckoo's Nest is excellent.

one flew over the cuckoos nest is a better movie in my opinion

The Godfather takes the cake.

I think the Godfather is masterful, but a TAD overrated.

I have'nt seen the godfather in a while, so i'm siding with cuckoo's nest


Two wonderful movies

Wow! One of the hardest decisions ever, I guess The Godfather. :)

One flew over.

Gotta side with cuckoo's nest

One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest : Academy Award for Best Picture Academy Award for Best Actor Academy Award for Best Actress Academy Award for Best Director Academy Award for Best Screenplay One of three movies that swept the major awards.


The Godfather is one of only a few films I prefer over One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.

The Godfather for me, both are masterpieces