The Godfather vs. Twilight



Funniest battle ever.

OHHHHHHH NO!!!! This has to be the hardest decision ever.(Sarcasm)

hahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaa..... what a fucking joke. The Godfather.


Herein for me is the whole dilemma of Flickcharts. I would much rather watch Kristen Stewart be smoochy with a Mormon vampire, on average, than I would watching Yankee gangsters plot against each other leisurely for three hours. The former requires a lot less emotional investment than the latter. But The Godfather is a classic, and will be 20 years from now when the Twilight movies are remembered as a pop culture fad of the period. Perhaps it can be compared to eating at the institutional restaurant of the city, where they have been serving fine dining for decades vs. the hot new franchise which is famous for it scrumptious burgers, but will move on elsewhere, to be replaced by another business, another building. "Just vote for what you like better" - you say? Ah, but here it is: I'd rate Iron Man higher than Twilight in a match, but would rate Iron Man lower than The Godfather. What's going on here? One has to take into consideration whether one is elevating one particular aspect that one likes about a film (in my case, in this case, I love Kristen Stewart) and/or regarding the "wanna see" factor (given the initial choice) higher than what you know is the objective quality of the film.

A brick wall has more personality than Kristen Stewart.

^ Heh, not surprisingly, my girlfriend feels the same way as you do! (the Bella of the book, by the way, was not the same, so arguably Stewart was miscast.)

I gotta say, you have some brass balls to choose Twilight over The Godfather here. If this were some other website that some immature jackasses patrol, then they would have castrated you for your choice.

Naw, I just hiked the movie up in rating temporarily so I could make a comment on the match-up, as a general representation of my dilemma in choosing between two films. Of course The Godfather is better! But most of the time I'd rather watch Twilight.

This is a pretty hilarious match up.

I will not grace this matchup with an answer. Haha

I realized yesterday that any movie with any of my favorite actresses needs to be considered as a genre of its own, and cannot be compared to other types of films until they are considered against each other.

I think the only actor who was actually THAT bad in Twilight was Taylor Lautner, even though his role isn't a major one. Rest of the performances range from mediocre to decent. The Godfather, of course!

Yeah, if the actors were a bit more emotive, Twilight might stand a chance, right? :p

I would rather watch Twilight too. The Godfather is a once every few years film for me. That being said, Twilight sucks. God! I have such a like/hate relationship with those movies! I cannot stand the characters of Edward and Bella. They have no redeeming qualities whatsoever. Taylor Lautner was by far the best thing about that series for me. But for some unknown reason, I've seen Twilight at least 10 times and own all the movies (except for the one last one, which I haven't seen yet). Really, I don't know why I like them. But still... THE GODFATHER.

Really are we even discussing this

Kraduate, you made me figure it out: Twilight fascinates me, in part, because I had my own love triangle once where the other guy was Edward (even looked like him too), the girl I loved was Bella, and I was Taylor Lautner, without, alas, the abs. (And, yes, there was virginity involved too.) By contrast, I can't relate to anything in The Godfather except the fact that my father grew up in part in New York among those type of people.

Alright! Major traction for Team Jacob!

This might just be the funniest match up ever on the site. I almost fell out of my chair when I was given this.

I'm on team horse head.

HAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA funniest fricking match up ever...Sadly, my comment won't count because I've never gotten through one Twilight mess. If I want to commit suicide, I'd rather go to Don Corleone LOL! Best match up in Flickchart history! Love the first guy who commented on this :)

gotta be an april fool's joke.

Why is this even a discussion?

This is one of the most one sided match ups ever

This is hard

oh my this is so hard!


NO CONTEST!!!!!!!!!


Even more one-sided than Sonny vs Carlo

Twilight sucks. The Godfather rocks

Add another one for Godfather

All of you are retarded, Twilight murder stomps Godfather. Team Jacob over stupid Al Pacino.................................................................................

I haven't seen either, but I think I have a small idea of which one is slightly better...

That one guy who says twilight