Man of Steel vs. Superman Returns



Sad to say that both of these films had problems, and feel like if you put them together you could have a really great superman film. I just hope Man of Steel does well so that WB will not get scared off of doing other heroes, and resort to rebooting Batman again.

I haven't seen MoS yet but I'm going to comment here (I know it kinda goes against Flickchart, so excuse me) MoS will crush Superman Returns on my chart simply because Superman Returns is in my top 20 LEAST favorites. MoS may disappoint but not like Superman Returns.

To say that MoS is better than Superman Returns really isn't saying much because SR really didn't set the bar high. That said, while MoS has it's moments, it's a pretty bland, uninteresting affair, devoid of much weight or humanity despite Kevin Costner putting in a good turn.

Man of Steel easily defeats Superman Returns, but then again, Superman Returns isn't very good, so the win doesn't mean much. Man of Steel is okay, but not great.

Call me crazy, but I really liked Superman Returns. Man of Steel was a big letdown for me. I would rather watch Superman Returns. I would have preferred a sequel to Superman Returns over what we got with Man of Steel.

I don't remember much at all about Superman Returns except that I wanted him to die when he was stabbed so that the movie could be over. Man of Steel on the other hand was a great film. Easy win.

both got a lot of hate and i don't under stand why.over all i liked returns and loved man of steel.

Man of Steel may not have been perfect, but it had a way better Superman, and therefore it was the superior Superman film.

Superman Returns left me with no positive or negative reaction. It just exists. Man of Steel did leave me feeling favorable about the first half of the movie, even if the explosions got too much screen time in the last hour. Quite easily Man of Steel.

SR's script was malnourished and Man of Steel's was excessive, still, MOS was the better film. Both don't hold a candle to Superman (1978)

Man of Steel by pure mugging...

They aren't too far off each other, that's all I'll say.

It's Superman Returns but not by much. Neither can touch Donner's film.

Man of Steel is infinitely better.

Superman Returns wins. Returns was bland because it didn't bring anything new to the table. Man of Steel was just bland.


Superman Returns was a good film. People can't convince me otherwise. Is it a great Superman film? I can't say; I'm not a huge fan of the character or the comics, but I can definitely say Returns is a better movie than the bloated Man of Steel.

I liked Spacey as LEX but thats it while there was a lot of problems with Man of Steel it felt rushed and Louis Lane found out about him too early but MOS is visually stunning so it wins.

I thought Man of Steel was pretty good, and I can't say the same about Superman Returns.

Not even close. Superman Returns was an at least alright movie, and doesn't deserve nearly as much hate as it gets, in a world full of mediocre garbage cbm adaptations. Man of Steel butchered and raped superman to death. The cliches in it are ten times more obnoxious than any of the ones in Returns, eg. fucking SMASH ZOOMS, superman saves a falling person like ten fucking times. I also think Brandon Routh's performance is shat on way too much. It doesn't reach the heights of Christopher Reeve, but come on that's one of the greatest superhero performances of all time, but Routh at least was likeable and it was certainly an adequate portrayal imo. I like Henry Cavill's but fucking hell does Man of Steel's pretentious serious moments prevent him from shining in the role. Fuck Man of Steel.

I prefer Superman Returns. Neither come anywhere close to measuring up to the 1978 classic in my mind, but: I enjoyed Superman Returns more than I thought I would, and Man of Steel was a HUGE disappointment for me after the outstanding trailers. I think that they have wasted a good Superman in Henry Cavill.

Man of Steel was so bad that it makes Superman Returns' dullness seem good by comparison.

MOS due to Zod's character.

Superman Returns is for my money the best Superman film by far.