Man of Steel vs. The World's End



One of these movies has a script that was extremely well-written. One of these had great character development as well as a story that grabs you emotionally. One has fantastic action scenes that work in the context of the story. The other one is Man of Steel.

Easily The World's End, streets ahead of MOS

The World's End definitely. Man of Steel had a couple of problems and The World's End's humour was miles above 'I think he's kind of hot.' I also liked the action better in the World's End better and it had better character development overall.

I also liked the action better in the World's End*

Thus far, these movies represent my two most disappointing moviegoing experiences of the year. The World's End wasn't funny, and Man of Steel was just plain dumb. But Man of Steel had two or three good moments, which is roughly two or three more than The World's End had, so I guess I prefer it in this matchup.

The World's End

I fucking loved The World's End. So much better than MoS.

The action in The World's End was okay, but it wasn't an action movie, so it isn't a big deal. I thought The World's End was much better than Man of Steel.

The World's End is probably my favorite of the Cornetto trilogy, which doesn't say much because I don't love one of them and I don't find any of them to be truly hilarious, but they're certainly fun, enjoyable films. Man of Steel was shit, so this is easy.

3rd best Superman film vs My favorite Comedy. Gotta go with Shaun.

The worlds end

The Worlds End

After loving the shit out of Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead, The World's End is one of the most disappointing films I've ever seen though I'm gonna give it another go soon. Man of Steel, I don't think I'll ever re-watch and I don't hate it but it really isn't that good. Tough matchup!

The World's End, easily. Very funny, witty, good action, a great conclusion, and even heartfelt, it is on a whole other level than Man of Steel. Man of Steel was decent however; the story was actually pretty good (flashbacks and all), but the action was very dull and mindlessly destructive. Not a great Superman movie.


Both were disappointing. Neither were terrible. I'll give the edge to The World's End.


Might switch to World's End... very close.


Just saw The World's End, so it is fresh in my mind. Man of Steel was very disappointing and bored me, but The World's End was funny and had great action scenes, I give it to The World's End.

Better editing, action, writing, dialogue, actors... No contest, serve me a pint of TWE any day!