Man of Steel vs. Batman Begins



Oh how the comparisons will come. Both are great reintroductions to iconic characters and both feature young directors giving us wild rides. I really enjoyed Batman Begins and have a lot of fun going over it in my head, but it didn't give me the emotional payoff I was wanting for a Batman origin story. Man of Steel gave me plenty of emotional reactions to the surprsing amount of human drama that was in the film, and even made me a little teary eyed at moments. It might change in the future, but for now, Man of Steel is the winner.

Same for me Bobby. Man of Steel comes out on top against my least favorite Nolan Batman film.

Man of Steel left me feeling a bit underwhelmed and empty. The action scenes were great and were on a grand scale (just as they should have been) but everything else the film had to offer just didn't "fly" at all. Clark and Lois' love relationship thingy didn't feel all that genuine to me and much of the supporting characters were just there to fill in space, except for Michael Shannon, Kevin Costner, and Christopher Meloni; they were all great. Hell, even Henry Cavill felt bland as Superman. I'm not a person that knows much about the Superman mythos, except for the obvious parts, but I felt that Man of Steel did an alright job of being an origin story. That being said, I felt that Batman Begins was the greater origin story out of the two because it seemed to cover more of Bruce's trials and tribulations than the (pointless?) bullying and "growing up" scenes in Man of Steel. Hell, if they kept at those bullying scenes, I could just imagine Clark Kent turning out to be some sort of killing machine. I was also disappointed that Jon finding Clark in a field as a baby wasn't shown in the film and instead the film traveled 30 something years ahead to the set of Deadliest Catch. I was able to see Man of Steel in IMAX 3D and it was cool experiencing the film as a spectacle. The problem with this is that the action scenes in the film are, for the most part, few and far between and the scenes filling in these multiple gaps feel almost pointless at times. So yes, Batman Begins is the obvious winner for me. The action scenes in Man of Steel save it though and the music, which sounds wonderful, gave these action scenes a heightened sense of scale and, mostly, awesomeness. I feel that Man of Steel could have been something greater though.

Yeah, pretty much what Reelz said, with a couple exceptions. Firstly, I thought the performances were mostly crappy, melodramatic, cheesy and hammy (synonym, synonym, see-no-neem). Antje Traue stole the show, but I thought Cavill was actually pretty good. Secondly... "the (pointless?) bullying and "growing up" scenes in Man of Steel..." I'm fairly certain that's all about the Superman mythos you spoke of. Some bullshit about Superman's greatest strength and hardest battle being the restraint he must show in the face of weaker blah, blah, tired...tell him to grow a pair. Begins is cheesy too, but it's fun cheesy. MoS is numbing when shit isn't going all Emmerich-Bay.


Batman Begins still remains the greatest superhero origin story ever put on film.

Begins. I felt as though MoS was trying to borrow from BB a little too heavily at times, with the flashbacks inter-weaved into the narrative, albeit poorly in this case, and the brooding humourless overtones. I have no problem with it trying to be "dark" and "emotional", but part of the reason that worked with BB is because we were given a good idea fairly early on of the level of happiness Bruce fell from when his parents were taken from him with some carefully selected scenes in the opening act. This makes the tragedy of his situation all the more grievous. In MoS, the film tries to do something similar with Kevin Costner (who for my money delivers the best performance in the film), but his death doesn't resonate as strongly as it should, and when the rest of the cast are putting in a series of largely humourless, uninvested performances ranging from standard (Crowe) to underwhelming (Shannon, Fishburne) to downright poor (Adams), it's hard to become particularly attached to anyone. To be fair, a lot of this has to do with the writing, and I suspect to a certain extent Snyder's direction, but the film is far too concerned with its action set pieces. Without the proper emotional investment to back them up, these action scenes are utterly boring and lack any intensity, not to mention the fact that they seem to lack any physical weight. Add to that a number of suspect visual effects sequences, choppy editing and some unsuitably dark cinematography which, at times, really detracts from the quality of the image (particularly in the aforementioned sub-par visual effects shots, where they occur), and the overall package is largely unimpressive. MoS is not entirely without merit however; Costner and Cavill put in good performances as I said before, I like the production design, particularly of the Kryptonian architecture and suits, and I found Goyer's attempt at making an "alien contact movie" most intriguing, even if it only really gets the middle act to play out. Regardless however, Batman Begins is still the overall winner. That was never in dispute, I simply used this as an outlet to vent some of my more detailed criticisms against MoS.

Which one simply entertained me more? Man of Steel...

very hard of steel is really fun to watch but begins is a superior film.

Batman Begins- The movie trying to be it's own thing vs Man of Steel- The movie trying to be Batman Begins.

While i do think Man of Steel has the better action and imagery, while Batman Begins I felt had the better story, characthers, and composition. I am not saying Man of Steel is a bad film, I think it is fantastic actually, but Batman Begins for me left a bigger impression.

Both good origin stories but Batman Begins is the finer film.

Just saw Man of Steel. Disappointing but decent. My choice is easily BB.

Though batman begins is an overly good movie, Iin my opinion I think MoS is the better film

This is such a tough one. I don't know which I prefer and I'm sure these two lie near each other on my Flickchart. I thought both films did a great job of providing an origin story and i felt that MoS was perhaps a tad better at the origin story. The second half of MoS dominates BB's second half

No contest. Batman Begins is so well-structured while MoS was a tad messy. I did like MoS, but Batman Begins was instantly one of my favourite movies when I first saw it, and it remains one of the best, most influential comic-book movies to date.


Man of Steel isn't just disappointing: it's a really terrible movie. The characters are beyond bland and give boring exposition or redundant speeches, the structure is a mess, the music is forgettable, the symbolism is painful, it's painfully shot, and Batman Begins-ifying such a colorful character simply doesn't work. It didn't work in The Amazing Spider-Man, it doesn't work here either. I'm not the biggest fan of Batman Begins simply because of its unnecessarily cheesy one-liners and poorly shot and edited action, but it's frickin' Citizen Kane compared to Man of Steel.

"the music is forgettable" Strongly disagree.

^Maybe aside from the main theme (which was also quite forgettable despite being composed by Hans Zimmer), I can't remember anything from the score. About as bland as the film itself.

it's Batman Begins clearly, but that's not to say i didn't enjoy MOS

Man of Steel feels like Zack Snyder trying to make a Christopher Nolan film, the same way Spielberg tried to make a Kubrick film (A.I.) and not managing to capture the full experience.

Batman Begins is better in every way: dramatically, as an origins story, the performances, the action was much better put together. I liked Man of Steel, but it was highly flawed. On the other hand, Batman Begins has so few flaws. It's not even really close.

2 stories told countless times through various media. That said, Batman is definitely the superior film.

Man of Steel is all kinds of awful. Batman Begins easily here.

I have two words for u

Batman Begins

I dislike both this movies but i dislike batman begins more.Man of steel wins battle of bad super hero movies

Batman Befins is much better

I went to a screening of Batman Begins tonight and it was the worst bloodly moviegoing experience of my life! Not the movie, Batman Begins is a rare gem of a near perfect movie. What gave me AIDs and had me literally punch a wall in the carpark after it was over was the amount of talking, texting, the same half a dozen people constantly walking in and out of the cinema, the aspect ratio being off, the subtitles. The horror! Why subtitles in a cinema? And don't blame COVID or the fact people are watching a 15 year old movie. I watched Ghostbusters (1984) the Friday before last in the same cinema (which only opened in 2018 by the way) with a very similar amount of people and it was perfect.

"Why subtitles in a cinema?" Quck answer: hearing impaired people.

Batman Begins is better in every way except action.

lol really subtitles as a criticism to batman begins are you fucking kidding me eagle

Any of the Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy (including The Dark Knight Rises) is way better than any DCEU

I liked Man of Steel, but it had its fair share of problems that weighed it down. Some of the pacing just felt off, and the flash-forward at the beginning was kind of confusing. I didn't recognize Cavil with the beard and it took me a bit to realize that was Superman. Pa Kent's death ended up being more ridiculous type funny than dramatic, and the Lois falling scene was hilarious. Anyway I still liked it but I have to give this to Batman Begins

Batman begins absolutely stomps the boring crappy man of steel