Man of Steel vs. Superman II



The central conflict I find between MoS and every other superman movie is sincerity. While MoS is trying to say look how badass superman is superman 2 is saying look how good superman is, look what superman has too sacrifice, look at what he represents, the best of humanity. MoS is not a well made movie but ever some poorly made films can be fun to watch, but they insisted on saying that superman is not the fun, "Campy" hero you know and love he is a Badass which left little character for me to enjoy. I will personally take superman throwing his S at the bad guys over MoS every day of the year.

Superman II still reigns supreme.

I loved this movie!!!!!!

The effects are dated, and the execution is stilted, Superman II needed a reboot badly. But there is nothing humourous or charming about Snyder's film, and the lack of it is palpably disappointing.

I agree with TheEgant. Even though the effects are a little outdated, I just can't get enough of Superman II. MoS left me a little disappointed.

Man Of Steel was just there, nothing stood out and the film isn't worth watching again. Superman II was good, possibly great, not a hard choice for me.

Until MoS, Superman II was the best Superman movie made. But MoS did a great job and takes the win for me.

Superman II is good, Man of Steel is terrible

I actually really enjoy Man of Steel and liked it a whole lot more than Superman II.