Dunkirk vs. Inception



Dunkirk may get Nolan his Oscar (we'll see), but Inception is his masterpiece.

One saved the summer of 2010, the other saved this summer.

both are so good, but I think I have to go with Inception

Great matchup! I had always preferred Nolan's mindbenders over anything else (Memento, Prestige and Inception) and I now call Dunkirk his masterpiece! Such a well made and incredibly intense film.

Inception is a great movie, nobody can deny that. Saying this I loved dunkirk much more. It gets my vote

Inception had a mystery element to it. Due to the unconventional story telling in Dunkirk, it lost that.

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Both films delivered on their high expectations (being Christopher Nolan projects). Dunkirk is an intense and powerful journey of survival through WW2, while Inception is one through the mind. Inception wins for having a better structured storyline, anchored by an A-list cast.

Inception is clever and creative. Dunkirk is just a steaming pile of nothing. Not even close here.

Dunkirk for now. But I have to watch Inception again because last time I saw it I was sick so I have a bad memory of it.

Inception is smarter, more enjoyable, and just plain better in EVERY way

Best movies of the 2010s. 1. Dunkirk. 2. Inception. 3. Shutter Island. 4. Enemy. 5. Kingsman: The Secret Service.

Inception was fine mind Fing but Dunkirk is a pile of horseshit no doubt.

There is literally no living director that has had such a phenomenally impressive winning streak of timeless classics than Christopher Jonathan James Nolan!

Dunkirk is the superior film but inception is more rewatchable. ill go with dunkirk because i enyoed it much more.

Inception was the last REAL Christopher Nolan film. Since then his movies have been unrecognizable – like they've lost their cerebral genius. Plots aren't ingenious anymore, storytelling isn't trailblazing, no memorable performances or characters. Tenet unfortunately also looks like a product of imposter Nolan, not the original Nolan who gave us Memento, Dark Knight, Prestige and Inception.

Dunkirk is the superior film but Inception is much more rewatchable-

Dunkirk is a great movie experience, while Inception is so much more than that. I don't take Dunkirk's lack of characterization as a negative, but it does limit its ceiling. On top of the uniquely intricate plot, Inception has well-developed characters that make it the more compelling film.

Switching to Inception by a good margin but I still enjoyed Dunkirk.

inception is way better

Two astonishingly excellent movies, while I love dunkirk, it is not one of nolan's best