Spider-Man: Far From Home vs. Spider-Man: Homecoming



Far from home.

(SPOILERS) Far From Home. I must admit that I've never been a big reader of Spider-Man comics, so I wasn't overly familiar with who Mysterio was. I knew that he's a villain in the comics, but I knew nothing beyond that. So I was really surprised at how dark and complex Far From Home was at times. From the dream-like illusion sequences, to Peter having to deal with the loss of Tony, Peter not knowing who he can trust because it could just be another one of Mysterio's illusions. It all took a turn that I didn't see coming and it caught me off guard. And for that, Far From Home wins for me. I still love Homecoming, but Far From Home really surprised me. It's by far my favorite comic book movie of the year so far.

Far From Home kept any and all of the idiotic social justice elements that hurt Homecoming far away from the second installment. That factor in and of itself was refreshing and welcome. Mysterio also really shined. Doing Mysterio justice and actually improving upon his comic book source material was also something I didn’t expect with hugely satisfying results. Pure Spider-Man action to finish with flashes of the actual adult character we all want to see. They are definitely on the right track, surprising given that Homecoming was kind of a misfire.

I'm going with Homecoming....

I don't really like either. Looking back at older comments, I may have overreacted with Homecoming. It's not terrible just bland and soulless. Far From Home adds in a bit more substance, the comedy actually works and it has Jake Gyllenhaal, one of the best living actors. Although it's still an average movie that's kinda forgettable, it wins here!


Far From Home.

For me I liked Homecoming more

Gyllenhaal > Keaton, but everything else about Homecoming is better: it's funnier, more endearing, and - most importantly for me - requires much, much less knowledge of the rest of the Marvel Universe to enjoy. IF you haven't seen all of the Avengers movies, than Far From Home is nonsense - and therefore, cannot stand on it's own two legs.

Far From Home has better moments here.

Homecoming for me

On first watch i liked far from home but now I like Homecoming better

Far from home but homecoming is also great.

spider man far from home is better than spider man homecoming

Far From Home is slightly better

homecoming is overrated, far from home is way better

far from home is amazing, homecoming is great

Far from home sucked less


Jake Gyllenhaal was awesome in Far From Home, but I thought the film was a little too silly for my taste. I really like Homecoming's approach.

Homecoming. Far From Home was just way too hokey

mcu's spider-man trilogy is the best trilogy from the mcu tbh

Far From Home. While Homecoming had a better villain, I feel like FFH had a stronger climax, a better love interest, and slightly improved visual effects. Also who could forget that end credits scene.

I think the new Spider-Man trilogy might actually be the best Marvel trilogy

I used to think Homecoming was just sort of all right, whereas Far From Home was actually pretty good, but the more I think back on it, the more my opinions are starting to flip.

Homecoming didn't require us to care about all the stupid plot twists of the MCU as much as Far from Home did, and wins on that basis alone

far from home mauls