A Woman is a Woman vs. Week End



A Woman is a Woman is a bright, fun movie that provides a fairly consistent level of happiness. Week End is all over the place, from frustrating to fascinating. If I could only watch one or the other for the rest of my life... I guess I'd go with Week End.

Wow, I must've felt masochistic when I made that last comment. A Woman is a Woman is so much more entertaining than the abrasive Week End. Why in the Hell would I want to watch a movie that irritates me half the time over a movie that makes me want to dance a jig of joy? I mean, I'm falling in love with Anna Karina like every few minutes with A Woman is a Woman, while I'm just thinking WTF? through most of Week End. If I were to edit Week End down to just the scenes I liked, it would be waaaaay shorter. I'd hardly change anything in A Woman is a Woman.

This is an easy choice for me, as "Week End" is my second favourite film, only behind "Citizen Kane". That being said, I happen to be a budding scholar of the film musical, and "Une femme" is always playing a significant role in my research.