Point Break vs. Speed



Point Break or Speed eh? Hmm. Speed is a pretty well-made action movie and it's undoubtedly a must see due to subsequent references to its central gimmick. However, Point Break is probably the better movie overall and the one I would watch right now, if given the choice between the two. Point break it is.

Hopper or Swayze? Hijacker or bank robbers? Keanu the SWAT Cop or Keanu the EFF BEE EYE Agent?!!? These are the questions that try men's souls.

why did these two have to match up? WHY GOD? WHHHYYYYYY

I think I saw Speed first and I have loved it for so long. Point Break I came to quite late. Both great films but Hopper is the better bad guy & Sandra Bullock is so sweet.

Early to mid 90s. God how I loved that time in movie making. Point Break wins because Swayze and Lori Petty are better than Hopper and Bullock. But only just.

Speed takes it out.

Speed was good, but I like Point Break better.

I love both movies, and have seen them multiple times, but Point Break edges it due to awesome chase and the parachute scene. And Keanu bellowing the FBI agent line :D

I love Speed a lot more.

Both are good. Speed was more more thrilling on the first viewing, but Point Break holds up better with repeat viewings. In the grand scheme of things, Speed is an entertaining popcorn flick while Point Break is a little more than that. Point Break it is, for me.

Speed is way better

Speed is one of the most thrilling action movies ever made. Point Break is truthfully not very good of a movie. Fun, but not good.

Speed, easily. But I fully acknowledge that this is primarily because I watched it multiple times in the '90s, whereas I only ever saw Point Break for the first time last year. Had I seen it 20 years ago, I doubtlessly would have loved it just as much.

Speed, without much of a sweat....

Speed is fantastic. It obviously shows its age a little bit. But it is miles better than point break.

Speed all the way. But both are 90s gold!


Point Break was fun but Speed was tighter thriller.

Point Break>Speed

Keanu Reeves and Dennis Hopper going head to head was more entertaining then him and Patrick Swayze.

Speed is more hilarious and takes itself less seriously. Both are fun.