Point Break vs. Road House



Swayze really was a bad actor, wasn't he? Two wrongfully entertaining movies. Do I go with zen stupidity with my boy Keanu, or the searing, 80's stupidity of Road House? Nipple to nipple, laughable mullets, tucked in shirts, synth-rock, useless kicks, slow punches, Patrick 'I'm basiciallly Bruce Lee' Swayze and pain that don't hurt should win. Aw fuck it! I'm backing the surfers.

I agree on your choice of "Point Break." Pure adrenaline!

Love Swayze he was the perfect mix of cool and gruff with a soft side too! most of his films he dazzled in and he has lots of good ones! I prefer Road House in parts but overall fun and adventure Point Break with Keanu Reeves wins this!