Escape from New York vs. Big Trouble in Little China



Two fantastic, fun Carpenter/Russell films. Gotta stick with Escape from New York; BTILC was a bit too uneven (though fun all the way) to win this one.

Either Escape From New York was boring, or I was very bored watching it. Big Trouble was lots of fun. Easy.

Very tired*, whatever.

Yeah, I also got kinda bored watching Escape.

Kurt Russell is a national treasure.

Escape from New York for me. A huge Carpenterian matchup here.

Big Trouble with the hammer...

Escape from New York was great, but Little China is a lot more entertaining.

i prefer both movies! really two great 80's classics :)


Escape from New York for me.

I love the heck out of both films. I prefer snake a little more then jack Burton.