Predator vs. Commando



lol, finally a tough one

Holy shit! really hard....hmmm..Commando coz it's much more fun

Outside of the ridiculous one-liners and explosions, Commando is a pretty awful movie. Predator on the other hand has the one-liners and explosions while still being a good film.

Oh my, this is incredibly tough. I agree that Predator is probably the better film, but I love Commando just as much. I just can't make a decision right now. Thus, I'll take the film that is ranked higher on my list at the moment, and that's Commando.

Predator just can't compare with the mass murder at the end of Commando. Predator does have the massacre where they mow down all those soldiers in the jungle, but it doesn't carry the dramatic weight of the John Matrix killing spree. The cat and mouse showdown between Dutch and his alien adversary is kind of cool, but nowhere near as awesome as Matrix vs. Bennett. Predator is a better made action flick, probably, but it's not as hilarious and fun as Commando. Rae Dawn Chong might be kind of annoying, though.


Predator is a much more 'well rounded' movie. I just can't see how Commando could win this match up

I'm usually cool with people having different opinions here. Disagreeing on some things and agreeing on others is what makes sites like this cool. But with this matchup, I feel like there's only one right answer. Commando's fun and all, but come on guys. It's fucking Predator. PREDATOR. I feel like it has everything Commando has and then some.


...Good point. But Predator is still PREDATOR! Arnie commando movie with Stan Winston creature beats Arnie commando movie without one. That's my argument, in a nutshell.

Commando sends me into fits of laughter every time I watch it. I get that people like monsters, but I'm not big into monsters. Actually, I'm not really into Sci-Fi that much. So... I guess I'm saying that having the monster doesn't matter much to me. If I did favor monsters, your argument would be more relevant/persuasive. But I don't. In short - COMMANDO!

Fair enough. PREDATOR! Oh yeah, and I meant to thank you for a comment you made in the blog section some time ago. You said something about using this site to pick your actual favorites instead choosing what you think everyone else would choose. I caught myself doing the latter a bit too much, and what you said really stuck with me. The way you said it, I mean. So, thanks!

Oh Arnie... when you knew when to draw your gun and be awesome... Commando is hilarious, but I'm getting to the choppa on this one.

@ToryK When it comes to a site like Flickchart, that's really the only way to rank movies. It's impossible to become a true lover of films if you're not exploring your own reasons for liking movies. It took me years to fully realize that I'm the only person I'm watching movies for. Nobody else matters. I'm glad to pass on the wisdom to a grateful recipient.

Ahh, manly films made for those moments when you wish to tell the world that you're hung like a donkey and have the emissions of a horse (real talk, it's in the bible). Anyway, Commando is a movie I enjoy much more now than when I first saw it as a youngster (thought it was stupid and poorly made). Predator is a movie that I've seen every few years since I was a kid and never - NEVER - got bored of. I'll catch it late at night every couple of years and just have a thrilling evening. School in the morning? I don't give a fuck, Predator is on. Early class at college? I don't give a fuck, Predator is on. Work at 9am? I don't give a fuck, Predator is on. I wonder if I can track how much shittier life has gotten with age just by associating each viewing of Predator with my state of mind at the time. And now I feel like crap.

I love Predator, I can't vote against it even if the other one has more action.

Predator, no question...and I LOVE Commando. Not a bad way to spend an afternoon on a Saturday...

Commando is alright, Predator is a action classic.

Guilty pleaser vs coolness.Coolness wins.

Only Arnold can sell cheese without making me cringe.

Two classic cheesy action films of the 80's. I'll go with the sci-fi action.

I only became acquainted with Commando last night, which is ridiculous. Anyway, it was great for a laugh. It's aged much better than The Running Man, which contains roughly the same number of Arnold one-liners. Predator, however, I have known and enjoyed for many years, and it is pure awesome. So, no contest. Regardless, Arnold in his prime is a juggernaut of ridiculous awesomeness.

I need to re-visit Predator because I didn't really get into it much but Commando was a different thing. I loved those classic Arnie one-liners!

Predator, but commando was awesome

Commando. Just not a big fan of Predator, although I'll probably give it a rewatch.

I recently watched Commando and absolutely loved it but it can't beat Predator that's for sure

Commando is hilarious, dumb, and awesome at the same time. Predator crushes it though.

We all know I have a sick addiction to the best action star to ever hit the big screen but this is Predator.

Predator, hands down.

Predator no contest at all. But i liked Commando aswell.