Predator vs. Alien




It is TOTALLY ironic. Neither of these films' makers had any notion that their monsters would eventually be in the same movie together.

Arny nearly got his ass handed to him by one predator. Ripley straight flushed that alien out the air lock then dished out quite the damage to the rest of race for 3 more movies. Not to mention that Alien of the greatest movies of all time.

"Alien". I mean, when "Predator" was sold as "ALIEN meets RAMBO" you had to expect a film less entertaining than either. "Predator" is great fun, but "Alien" wins. Better in every way, including a better monster.

Giving it to Alien. Sowwy.

Alien. One of the best sci-fi movies of all time.

Oh man, what a match up. Has to go to Alien though

Predator is good Sci-Fi but Ridley Scott's vision is just wider then most in the movie business.

Predator is a textbook Hollywood action movie, but Alien means more to me I'm afraid.

I am clearly of the minority that didn't respect Predator at all as a piece of film. Alien=BEAST.


had to take a walk around the block to clear my head and try and sort this one out...

Alien is a much better film. From the strong female action lead to the groundbreaking creature effects to Ridley Scott's uncompromising vision and the sheer terror the film creates, it far surpasses Predator which is just an action movie.

I enjoyed Predator, but just as another Arnie flick.

Major, you'd better take a look at this.

Alien is scarier while Predator is more fun and has some good lines. Alien does hold up better overall, though.

I'll take the alien that actually looks scary.

Both are awesome. Alien has to be the winner though, more influential, better acting and an overall better movie.

I love Predator, but yes, I too have to go with Alien on this one. With me, it's close, though. Aliens vs. Predator? Fuhgeddaboutit. Meanwhile, @Protozoid: I would argue that Predator is far more entertaining than any Rambo movie.

Hate to be the voice of dissent here, but I can't think of anything that I liked about Predator. Everything from Arnold down to the dialogue was weak and cheesy. There's nothing cheesy about Alien, though.

"Predator" is a big dumb 80s action flick with a cool sci-fi-horror center featuring one of the best villains/monsters of all time. But "Alien" is one of the best horror films ever made. Easy win.

Predator is good but Alien is classic.

One of the toughest match-ups considering my love for both. Could watch Predator anytime unlike ALIEN, but ALIEN is the better film... and in my top 10. That and its influence on Predator make it the winner.

Alien!!!!! no contest

Alien is probably the better movie, but I can rewatch Predator a bazillion times. Arnold at his cheesy best.

Alien is a better movie but Predator is more entertaining.

I love Alien but Predator is just too much.

Yeesh, a tough one. A very tough one. I'm not a fan of either film. Alien is easily the better movie, but it can also be quite boring and I hate the 'fake' jumpscares (with the cat, for example). Predator on the other hand is not boring in the slightest and can be fun at times, but as a movie it's lacking. The pacing is bad, the dialogue is mediocre, some of the characters seem pointless and it all feels too generic. However, despite these very obvious flaws, I surprisingly enjoy Predator a little more. That has probably to do with the fact that Alien left me mostly cold, while Predator did not. It's close and my feelings could change in the near future, but Predator wins.

Alien is suffocatingly atmospheric and full of interesting gender motifs, Predator is a dumbass action movie.

Predator wins by a landslide. It has aged remarkably well and continues to prove that Arnold Schwarzenegger's cheesy action films are still intact to this very day.

Both have aged astonishingly well, but the Yatuja is a more memorable hunter than the Xenomorph.

I used to like Predator more, but I rewatched Alien and it just gets better every time and it wins this matchup.

I think Predator is easily more rewatchable, yet I like Alien better, I love the atmosphere and the constant tense feeling it gives you. It is acted better and has a better script. Personally I like the xenomorph better in creature matchups as well. It is just so visceral, I really don't think there has ever been a better creature created.

Alien is too tedious to really get in to. Predator is a film from the get-go with cheesy comedy and quotability up to its neck.

Predator wins here if you ask me . Aliens would probably beat predator . the first Alien movie is a little bit Boring whereas predator is a fun action flick ! I know it s a classic , a masterpiece ! But i dont care...p

Wow, this is an unique showdown. Someone should make a film about this, it's bound to be brilliant! Alien wins.

Alien. Predator should never have gotten involved with the franchise; I'm not saying the Alien series wasn't already ruined with Alien Resurrection (and I refuse to afford Alien3 the same description for actually having the balls to do something other than gung-ho action for a change), but throwing Predator into the Alien franchise was just adding insult to injury. Fuck you Fox and Stephen Hopkins! Anyway, back to the match-up in hand. Predator use to be a fun film, but it has a) dated too badly to be taken seriously any more, and b) doesn't do anything other than reaffirm Stan Winston's status as one of the eternal gods of special effects. To say that it's a stupid film doesn't really cut it; it was always a stupid film, but at least it used to be a fun way to kill a couple of hours. Now I just think that it's pretty dull, a sign of growing up and moving on I guess. I cannot say the same about Alien.

Alien vs Predator hmmmm sounds fimiliar. I like predator better.

No! don't make me choose!

Predator is better for not being absolutely pretentious in some moments.

Predator wins, but not by much.

no question about this one... predator wins

Heh. Alien vs. Predator.

I hate going against Alien so much but It just can not beat Predator

Doe it suppose to be like this AvP


I love Predator but Alien of course

Preadator is no match against the atmosphere in Alien.

Predator is fun. Alien is revolutionary.

Alien is Sci-Fi best film made ever. And, i no like Predator franchise

Predator; Action, explosions, one-liners, Ahhnold!

I'm going against the grain, I grew up with Predator and it means more to me, it helped me choose my favorite action star too. Alien is in my top 50, it's a great movie. Aliens is 6 on my list and Predator is 10 so it doesn't beat both of them.

Ouch, the irony.

This just isn't fair. I'm going to have to go with Alien, but with all due respect to Predator.

Aw, I love Mortal Kombat XL, man.

Predator gets the edge for faster pacing and better action

Totally different films in my opinion, so it's hard to judge. But overall, I didn't enjoy Predator nearly as much as I did Alien. Predator is a entertaining, mindless action movie that's a good time filler. Alien is a masterpiece. Ridley Scott created a original thriller that simply cannot be matched. Even the trailer is amazing! Sorry Predator, but Alien wins this one.

Although I appreciate that Alien skipped on a lot of the obnoxious action tropes that Predator had, as well as much better and more interesting set and sound designs; the only character that I truly cared about was Ripley. The rest of the cast was not very fleshed out, and seemed to only be there to demonstrate the deadliness of the Alien. In contrast, the characters in Predator where full of life and color. I was sad to see Blaine and Billy die, where as I really didn't care about John Hurt, or that guy who says "kill me" from Alien. And what really seals the deal for me is the climactic exchange of dialogue between Dutch and the Predator, in which the Predator uses it's voice recording system to respond mockingly "what the hell are you?". C'mon! How cool is that!

If this was Aliens, Predator wouldn't win this flickfight, but it's Alien, and Predator bests Alien ever so slightly on my chart.

I would have said Alien years ago but I changed my mind. The power of Alien has always been that it feels like "more" than a rubber suit monster movie, but last time I watched it, it kinda just felt like a rubber suit monster movie. Nothing wrong with that, but the cracks are setting in. Makes me feel old. Arnie mowing down communists in the jungle always makes me feel young.

In the past I have approached this contest with the reasoning, that Alien is the better film while Predator is the one I prefer; but having re-watched these two, I'd have to judge Predator the better film as well. Arnie's best work, after three decades, simply hasn't aged, in large part due to its non-specific jungle setting. I mean, dense jungles (if they survive into the future) will look the same N years from now, implying there's nothing dated about the now-iconic environment. In my view, there's something about Predator's feel, atmosphere, aura—whatever name you want to give it—that's unique and completely fresh, compared to the rest of the slashers using the same general formula. Not trying to put down Alien's claustrophobia of finding oneself stranded in a spaceship, which is traumatic in its own way, but the predicament of being trapped in a jungle, where the average human would have a hard time surviving Mother Nature let alone an elite alien hunter, elicits a fundamentally different kind of anxiety from the viewer: the kind I, at least, am more prone to dread. Aside from having a better, more likable set of characters, a more convincing lead, and a far more ominous score (fittingly drum-heavy/militaristic), there's another important aspect where Predator is superior to Alien: the build-up before the rampage. Unlike Alien, whose opening hour is slow, mundane and boring, Predator keeps raising the tension with every scene, starting with the opening shot of a spaceship entering Earth's orbit. From there on, the tension grows bigger and bigger like an aroused penis, with scenes like the team's entry into the jungle, the discovery of Hopper's mutilated men, the camp attack, Billy catching "something" in those trees; until, finally, the suspense becomes glued to the narrative once Dutch's team starts getting picked off one by one. Moreover, the predator's design, one can tell, had more thought behind it than the xenomorph's, for the POV infrared vision of the stalking Predator, accompanied by throbbing beats in the background that sound like a pounding heart, is the kind of shit you'd imagine during an anxiety dream. Such clever cinematic devices and the film's well-planned cinematography, which makes full use of the creature's disorientating camouflage, bring the jungle quite to life (as Poncho would say), and also give the surroundings an uncanny vibe. Except Stanley Kubrick's The Shining, no film has entered my nightmares as many times as Predator. Far from being a dumb popcorn thriller, it's an astonishing work of art, with infinite replay value. It's the ultimate hunt.


Alien is hard to beat in the horror genre and Predator is weak contender despite its entertainment value.

Predator is trash other than the beginning. Alien>Predator

hr giger just wanted to rape men. (i thought predator was awful though)

Alien is far better than predator, certainly none of the crossover movies between match both these alien forsa makes none sense but crap movies mentioned, as for me also Alien (xenomorph) is far better than Predator form, but certainly for me Alien will always beat Predator any of the time..

Two absolute masterpieces. One gets the love it deserves and the other one doesn't. I love both almost equally, but I'm giving the slight edge to Predator.

Predator is near flawless, action & tension backed, great characters. And possibly Arnold’s best acting in any flick. But Alien is the ultimate space horror, from beginning to end I felt extreme dread, not to mention the excellent acting. Alien wins though it’s closer for me then most people.

Alien is pretty good but it does not compare to predator in my opinion. Predator wins this one for me

pretor is a good movie but alines is the best

I think they are both good but far from the masterpiece people seem to think they are. Alien wins this one.

Alien is a masterpiece for me. It easily wins