Predator vs. Jurassic Park



Jurassic Park wins hands down.

This is really hard to answer. I think predator but Only just

Predator skins Jurassic Park...

Jurassic Park.

Jurassic Park wins a very close one.

Hmmm, Predator easily

Jurassic Park...

I'm taking......Predator. But It's so close. Right now Predator (5) vs Jurassic Park (6). For Now.

I'm switching to Jurassic Park

There's only one choice.

The tyrannosaurus over the predator...

Sexual Tyrannosaurus > Tyrannosaurus

It's always been JP for me

Are you kidding? Jurassic Park is a film made for kids!! Predator features Swarzenegger and a predator who is much more formidable opponent than this stupid T-Rex, he is the perfect hunter, he is very strong and smart can be partially invisible, can climb trees, got different type of visions. I mean there is much more suspense as well in Predator.

I mean it is fine if you like Jurassic park more than Predator just know that JP is only good if you watched it as a child which most of you did and you like this film because you were amazed to watch it when you were little I understand that.