Predator vs. Terminator 2: Judgment Day



My two favorite Schwarzenegger films. Both awesome, but I've got to go with T2 all the way.

T2 is Arnold's best for sure...not to hate on Predator, which is also excellent.

Get to da choppah!

Arnold VS Arnold, Cameron VS McTiernan, Such an hard choice... But i'll go with T2, better scenario and FX

T2... ftw

I've only seen Predator once when it first came out. Someday I'll fix that.

If it bleeds, we can kill it. Crap, Terminator doesn't bleed!

This is really tough... I'm going with Predator now but that might change if I get this matchup again.

Now I know why you cry.... because people choose Predator over T2

Well, crap. Now I'm actually rethinking this. (Must see Predator again...)

Predator all the way.

If it bleeds,we can kill it.And yes a terminator can bleed since it is tissue over metal endo-skeleton.



Predator is one of the few Arny movies that deserves to be mentioned in the same sentence as T2. But being in the same sentence and winning are two different things. Sorry Predator.


I like Predator more. It seems to have aged better than T2.

both very thrilling, great sci fis but i think to me predator was better, i liked arnold's character in it better, but terminator 2 was good, better than the first, but predator did better than its sequal, and i always enjoy watching it, where as terminator 2 has kinda got old

Predator for being more taut, lean and free of bullshit bleeding heart "messages". T2 also more or less introduced The Annoying Invincible Kid into the violent blockbuster lexicon. In Predator that little shit would have got butchered, time paradox or none.

Predator for sure. One of Schwarzenegger's premier performances.

Um. Help me out here?

Predator is my all time arnie movie so i choose predator

Can't. Resist. Predator.

Predator for me

T2 is a far superior film, in every aspect.

Both are great films by Arnie but I'll go with T2.

I prefer the first Terminator to both of these, but in this battle, I'll take T2.

I love both a lot. For me it's Terminator 2 but in some ways I'd take Predator


Terminator vs. Predator, and Predator loses.

Predator is just alright. T2 all the way.

JC said it best. Finally! T1 may not be the stronger film but it's the one I hold close to my heart. It actually has less flaws than T2. As fort these two it is T2 for sure over Predator which is my 3rd favorite Schwarzenegger film.

Terminator 2: Judgment Day

T-800 > Dutch

Get Daoon ya ha ya ha ha... nurdh.

Predator. It still remains an underrated masterpiece.

Judgment Day>Predator


Terminator 2.

I absolutely love predator but I have to go with T2