Cinderella vs. The Little Mermaid



Hmm... Tough choice for a Disney Princess Whore like me =0P I guess I'll go with Ariel.

One is a Classic Disney Movie and the other is a Disney Movie. Tough Choice

Really tough choice.


Gotta go with Little Mermaid. The cute critters sort of crowd out the rest of Cinderella. The prince is scarcely a character! (Better development of the male leads and the romances is one of the hallmarks of the Disney Renaissance.)

The Little Mermaid didn't have a tone that isolated its audience. It welcomed the audience.

The oldie still beats the newbies.

Little Mermaid - I want to be part of your world

Cinderella basically wins by default because I saw it a couple more times as a kid than TLM, and remember more of it. Neither did anything for me particularly (but I'm not, nor ever was, the target audience, so go figure).

Just to clarify though, I have heard a lot more interesting discussions about TLM than Cinderella (nclysander and Crimson Rex's comments reminded me of that), so if I had to watch one again, it would be TLM.

I like the little mermaid the most is easily one of the best movies ever.

Definitely Cinderella

Cinderella is the true winner here.

They are both good. TLM wins for me. Neither of them come close to the King.

I'll go with The Little Mermaid...

The Little Mermaid. Far more epic and better music too.

The Little Mermaid all the way.

Cinderella is good but Little Mermaid destroys it here

Little Mermaid is my favorite of the Disney Renaissance, and I never particularly liked Cinderella, and for obvious reasons..