The Outlaw Josey Wales vs. Unforgiven



I personally think Unforgiven is a massive improvement over The Outlaw Josey Wales, with a much better script, better performances, better direction and a better cast. The Outlaw Josey Wales really isn't that impressive. I don't think Unforgiven is among the very best of Clint Eastwoods films (despite it being one of only two films he directed winning the Oscar for best picture), but it is a pretty good film nonetheless.

Josey Wales is a much better film. It has grit but not all the grounded fatalism of Unforgiven. Both are quality but I'll take an old fashion tough guy gun slinger over bleak realism every time.

Unforgiven and, more specifically, the way it showcases man's little hypocrisies and his near-comical ability to rationalize violent/vengeful behavior, is much more fascinating to me than anything in The Outlaw Josey Wales.

Loved them both, but I think Unforgiven is the better film. I gotta agree with Mystic about it having a better cast, which definitely helps to give it the win.

2 great westerns.......The cast of Unforgivin makes it a bit better than Outlaw Josey Wales....The ending was superior as well.......Although Wales had Chief Dan George in a make out scene(very memorable) and funny as hell

I'll go with Outlaw Josey Wales. Never a huge fan of Unforgiven...

Joey Wales subverted many of the Eastwood Western tropes, but Unforgiven seared them with a hot iron.

Unforgiven is a more powerful experience. Josey Wales can get frustratingly tedious at times.

Josey Wales wins because it's more old school and mythical.