Life of Pi vs. Hero



Doyle got kinda agitated there didn't he? He's got a point, semantically at least. I mean, there is a difference between post-production CGI and cinematography, and, certainly, the Academy is fueled by and filled with a bunch of mindless cunts, but it's still pompous to think that photography is somehow more valid an art form, more legitimate a trade, than CG. Fuck 'em all.

Funny enough, these are my two favorite movies. While Life of Pi is the one of the most visually stunning films to date, but Hero is true beauty. It's a piece of art, and the cinematography Doyle made still takes my breath away after watching it dozens of times. Make no mistake, Life of Pi is a master piece, and I consider it to be the best film of 2012. I just feel like Hero was something else, and the use of color complemented the story perfectly.

I'll go with Hero...but pretty close I must say.