The Wolverine vs. X2



The best two X-Men films going head to head... as much as I love X2 I'm voting The Wolverine. It just does everything right. I thought it was very well written and the impressive cast really delivered! Hugh Jackman finally gets a full film to bring the character to the next level.

The problem X-Men has always had was that it has a large cast that prevents it from defining their characters beyond their powers, however they can make up for it by using mutants as an allegory for civil rights. This although heavy handed at times really is what allowed the first 2 movies to carry the emotional impact it had. The Wolverine has the advantage of only having one lead to develop and it does a fantastic job. The Wolverine however falters in its third act where there is a huge tonal shift, also the reason for most of the plot (Yasada's plan) should have been revealed earlier in the movie, it just would have given more tension to the story. I am not sure which of these are currently higher on my chart but I think they both do their jobs well with room for improvement

I always liked the first two X-Men films, but I never loved them. The Wolverine was a pleasant surprise and I enjoyed the hell out of it. The Wolverine gets the win.

The Wolverine was fun, and certainly a pleasant surprise, but I will always prefer X2.

The Wolverine wins barely. The opening scene and the train fight scene made the movie for me.

X2, but if Wolverine's ending was as good as the rest of the movie, it might win here.

X2...and that's that.

Yeow. Team done right versus character done right finally. Solo angry Logan wins.

The Wolverine is actually one of the better films included

Two of the very best of the X-Men movies. I think the Wolverine is just slightly lower than X2. But they make up my 2nd and 3rd favorites when it comes to the X-Series.

Both movies give an insight in to Wolverine's past, but I think that The Wolverine does a better job of looking at the implications the past can have on the present.

The Wolverine is far more entertaining for me.

X2,but just by a hair.

The Wolverine definitely wins for me. X2 is good but it's not as good as it used to be.

X2 all the way! Wolverine was a huge let down.

X2 is fucking fantastic, and so is the wolverine until that infamously bad third act. X2 is miles better for me

X2 quite easily, The Wolverine isn’t even half as good as X-Men.

x2 by far but i still liked wolverine

wolverine is no where ok as the xman xman 2 is beyond thr good sequel ever

X2's opening scene is better than the entirety of The Wolverine