The Wolverine vs. Watchmen



Two dark movies starring some of the grittiest characters in the Marvel/DC universes. Watchmen it is.

Watchmen. It's reputation grows with each successive summer of hit-and-miss superhero movies.

Tough one. I love the Watchmen graphic novel and I thought the film was very well done but I feel like I enjoy The Wolverine more.

I have no history with the comics and/or graphic novel, but I thought The Wolverine was the better movie...

Definitely Watchmen. The Wolverine was surprisingly boring.

Watchmen is the better movie, and the more entertaining one.

The Wolverine was a very well-done movie for one of my favorite superheroes, but I'll never forget the first time I saw Watchmen. Such an awesome movie!


I don’t think this is remotely close. Even if you take the theatrical version of Watchmen against The Wolverine, it’d still not be a close match

I don't like either of these. Don't really hold up well y'know? But if I had to choose I'd take Wolverine, overall less flawed