Napoleon Dynamite vs. Superbad



Tough choice this one... Napoleon Dynamite wins by an inch because it's more original than Superbad.

The first time I watched Napoleon Dynamite I wanted to kill everyone associated with the film. It was after a buddy of mine told me he had the same experience but when he watched it a second time he found hysterical. He was right. I gave it a second shot and it was damn funny. However I loved Superbad from the get go. I even watched it again just recently and still laughed my ass off. I am going to have to go with Hill/Cera on this one.

Superbad was hilarious but it was really just a bunch of cock jokes strung together in a story. Napolean has great catchphrases and great characters. Gosh!

Napoleon Dynamite was just a cult hit - a short-lived cult hit. Superbad had clever writing, good acting and a hilarious outcome.

Napoleon Dynamite is annoying and stupid. Superbad is awesome.

Napoleon Dynamite was never funny and Superbad was an instant classic. Superbad is one of those movies you can watch over and over again like, Old School, Road Trip, and Talladega Nights, and it will still be as funny as you remembered.

Superbad was able to stand out in a world of ever increasingly bad teen comedies and make an impact on comedy as a whole with the emergence of Apatow's crew. An easy choice here.

If Superbad didn't have McLovin I would have picked Napoleon.

Both movies are very good, but I laughed more with 'Napoleon Dynamite'.

I've never liked Napolean Dynamite, no matter how many times I've seen it, it's never gotten better.

Superbad. Barely. Both are equally funny, as far as I'm concerned, but for very different reasons.

Superbad is in a different league than Napoleon Dynamite.

superbad vs napoleon dynamite!!! That is difficult.

It's really a question of what kind of humor you like more: stupid random jokes meant to confuse you, or dirty jokes meant to disgust you. Difficult to compare

Napoleon Dynamite disturbed me, but was pretty funny. i think Superbad wins though

This one is a bit difficult. I agree with others that Napoleon Dynamite is more original.

I´m one of those people that detested Napoleon Dynamite. I didn´t get it, and was really turned off by the silly & over the top acting. I liked Superbad cause all the actors played it straight, no one was winking at the camera.

Superbad... by a mile

ND, not a good movie by any means, i laughed only once. Superbad, while not a great comedy, gets my joke. I love the Orson Wells ate himself to death joke.

Where Superbad lacks originality of its story, the characters, the aims, everything is more likeable and enjoyable than Napoleon Dynamite. Sure if I met Jonah Hill's character in real life I'd want to knock him out, but that's a few steps back from the assured homicide that would follow me meeting any character from Napoleon Dynamite. Superbad stays fresh throughout the movie, where Napoleon Dynamite repeats most of the jokes from the first half into the second. A quality re-hash of an old story is better than a mediocre and annoying original piece. Superbad wins by all means.

There really is no contest here; Superbad should win by a mile. Many people, including myself, had the experience of watching Napoleon Dynamite the first time and not laughing at all. Then, the second time you watch it, usually because a friend puts it on when there's a group of you, you end up laughing, mainly because you're laughing along with everyone else in the room. Then it dawns upon you that you're not laughing with the movie, but laughing *at* the movie. The people who like it don't realise that they like it ironically, like some people like Plan 9 from Outer Space, or Killer Klowns from Outer Space. No one actually cares what happens to Napoleon or Pedro, it's just a bunch of stuff that happens to them. Superbad, while not perfect, has a heart to it that makes you want for Seth and Evan (and even McLovin) to succeed. In doing so, you laugh harder at the jokes, you feel worse for them when they fail, and you smile more when, in the end, they get the girl(s).

Considering the fact that Superbad is about as funny as my fathers heart attack and subsequent death, Napoleon Dynamite wins hands down.

A movie ripe with Appatow's signature humor and brilliance versus a film that I could only suffer through half of. What do you think wins?

Napoleon Dynamite is just stupid. I can watch Superbad over and over again and not get tired of it.

superbad by far

I think Napoleon Dynamite suffered the same fate that some other cult classics have gotten in that so many people looking for indie cred labeled it the greatest comedy ever made it extremely overhyped. I got more enjoyment and laughed harder at Superbad, because it felt more real and had characters you actually gave a damn about.

I love both of these films. When I first watched Napoleon Dynamite I despised it, but being the lazy person I am I needed background noise and pressed play on whatever was in my DVD player. The second time it all clicked. Superbad is hysterical, but too easy. I have to give it to Napoleon Dynamite for the sheer fact that it didn't have any of the typical things that a movie "needs" to be successful. A few of these are cursing, sex, nudity, violence, etc. The makers of this film managed to create an entertaining, funny, memorable film without following the usual formula. For that I applaud them.

Superbad lacks depth. Napoleon Dynamite lacks humor.

Gotta be Napoleon. Funnier, more quotable, more original, more memorable, more re-watchable, more sleeves...more better.

Superbad, two boys trying to get laid, only difference from American Pie in the 90's is there were just two of them. It was funny like American Pie, and a classic for many teenagers. Along with young adults because it is something you can relate to. However, Napoleon Dynamite, you can watch with any person at any age and they'll love it. The movie is so different. I don't think Heder will truly ever do a film better then this one. I still recall lines from the movie and think about it when I see side ways pony tails, chapstick, tots, and a whole bunch of stuff. It just sticks in your mind.

Superbad, but that's not saying much at all as i despise both of these movies.

Both of these are terrible. I hate that I have to even choose one...

I think Superbad is the greatest teen comedy, perhaps, since "Dazed and Confused." ND is just a weird, funny indie with little connection to real life.


Napoleon Dynamite was the bomb with an original and fresh comic style and Superbad was just crude sex jokes and only a McLovin away from being just another teen sex comedy.

Superbad is funny & hilarious , the best teenmovie since Road Trip & American Pie 1 and I enjoyed this movie a lot and I can watch it over and over. Napoleon is just annoying and not really funny, I felt forced to watch it, just sometimes Napoleon says or do something funny, which is not enough to save this crappy movie. By the way ... McLovin is the shit xD

While I only consider Superbad to be a decent movie (though one of the best of its teenage stuff kind) it is still a world apart from Napoleon Dynamite, which is easily one of the worst films I've seen this decade.

This isn't even a contest. Superbad wins.

Like a few others have said before me, when I first saw Napoleon Dynamite I couldn't stand it and didn't even finish watching it. But then my brother told me to watch it again because Napoleon sounds just like my little cousin. I did, and not only does my little cousin talk exacty like him, I realized how hilarious it is. Superbad is extremely overrated. Napoleon Dynamite hands down.


McLovin was too funny even though I was still tempted to vote for Pedro.


As you can see from earlier posts I'm conflicted.


This is my final verdict. Napoleon Dynamite was the bomb with an original and fresh comic style and Superbad was just crude sex jokes and only a McLovin away from being just another teen sex comedy. McLovin almost sealed a win for Superbad though.

Napoleon was the movie to watch when I was in middle school and when I got into high school it was Superbad. I personally thought Napoleon was funny when I was in middle school but I just recently saw Superbad and I thought it WAS SUPER BAD! It was not funny and just gross. Napoleon was funny back in the day but Superbad was never funny.

Humor is subjective. I found both movies funny but in very different ways. Napoleon Dynamite is comedic genius. Superbad is funny in a dumb movie kind of way.

Wow, people in the world are actually high enough to pick Superbad over the only reason movies like it are made?

Superbad, but by a very slim margin.

Naoleon Dynamite is the worst movie ever created. It is not funn,y it is not written well, and it is acted out by siome of the least talented actors in hollywood history. The people who find this movie funny are the people holding us back to a bright future

Totally agree with Pigalina's comment. Superbad is just a bunch of penis jokes. Napoleon Dynamite is a far superior comedy

Napoleon Dynamite was a horrible movie and was a waste of my time. Superbad was hilarous and has some of the best quotes in movies.

Not even close...Superbad wins.

Superbad BY FAR. Napoleon Dynamite is a failed attempt at humor.

Both of these movies suck, Superbad just happens to suck a little less.

Dynamite is for hipsters. while Superbad is for the sterotypical curious teenage male

Napolean Dynamite

Superbad. I love that movie, one of my all-time favorite comedies.


Both are a couple of my favorite comedies from the 00's. Superbad wins for me

Superbad is a neuron away from losing this matchup due to some truly juvenile moments like when the long haired kid spits on Hill. But it gets more replay from me. Superbad by a hair- but I do cringe at the spitting scene and a couple of others. Hill- Cera are very talented comic actors who sell this movie with their presence and delivery

Superbad is great, a truly accurate depiction of high school boys of the mid 2000s. The dialogue is hilarious and delivered perfectly by the three leads. Napolean Dynamite is also funny for its weirdness but Superbad just resonates more with me.