Duck Soup vs. A Night at the Opera



This is a tough choice, since these are far and away the two best Marx Brothers films. I have to say Duck Soup, because Groucho's one-liners are slightly sharper and the mirror scene is one of the best directed sequences in any movie

A Night at the Opera gets all the little things right, but I find Duck Soup just a smidgen more enjoyable. It had me laughing throughout. As danc930 said, Groucho is really on point with his one-liners in it.

The best two Marx Bros. films. The edge goes to Duck Soup because we're not saddled with sappy musical numbers that slow down the action.

I always enjoyed the early Marx Bros. (when they were with Paramount) more than the late, so I'd probably put Horse Feathers ahead of Night at the Opera, and of course Duck Soup ahead of both. They were always more enjoyable when their antics bordered on the clinically insane; I always felt that, though perhaps a more polished film, A Night at the Opera was also far more tame.

Compared to Duck Soup, A Night at the Opera just seems so saccharine. I know that was by design, but I prefer the Marx Brothers most when their humor has some bite. Score another one for Duck Soup...

Two "classics" that I'm just not a fan of. If I'm picking's Duck Soup.

Right now I'm going with A Night at the Opera.

Duck Soup for the peanuts scene alone.

Duck Soup

Duck Soup is my preferred Marx Brothers film