Duck Soup vs. Horse Feathers



Wow, the two greatest Marx Brothers movies against each other! While Horse Feathers has the funniest sequence (where Groucho takes over teaching) in ANY Marx Brothers film, Duck Soup might just be the funniest overall film ever made.

Hmm, I think I also have to go with Duck Soup on this one.

Here is most definitely an interesting match-up. Having not seen Duck Soup in quite a while, it was my first Marx Brother's film and as an introduction I enjoyed it and it got me into watching more of their films. After having seen six or so of them, Horse Feathers has come out to be my favorite so far. I don't know if Duck Soup has the laughs or more consistency than Horse Feathers, but there is not a single sequence in HF that doesn't keep me smiling and laughing. Will need to rewatch DS but it falls to HF for me.