Wedding Crashers vs. Superbad



ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? I love both of these movies, and can watch both of them dozens of times within a shirt time period. this sucks.

I actually liked Wedding Crashers, which is saying something, because I don't tend to find enough comedies consistently funny enough to genuinely enjoy them. Superbad is a good example; I only found it to be funny about half the time.

Both of these movies were a waste of my time, but at least Wedding Crashers was tolerable.

Yeah these two movies are both some of my favorite comedies.I guess Superbad because Wedding Crashers doesn't have McLovin.

Both are some of the best of the 2000's Wedding Crashers had a lot more hilarious moments and a good story!

Yeah both are two of my favorite comedies. I'd also put the Virgin, Dumb and Dumber, Old School, and Teen Movie up there. As for these two. Wedding Crashers.

Superbad definitely. Wedding Crashers was good but the final act was such a drag

Both hilarious comedies that left me in stitches. They're both the same level of funny, but Wedding Crashers has the better story.

Superbad but it's close.