Network vs. Videodrome



These would make a great "media satire" double-feature. Both great films, using different genres to make similar points about the dehumanization process that is occurring. Which do I love better? Hard to say... NETWORK has stronger writing and acting (some of the best you'll ever see of each) but I have slightly more affection for VIDEODROME, probably because it is still largely overlooked. Both are hilarious, biting, scary and iconic.

I loved Videodrome but Network has more new things to say -even to this day- great black humor and acting, and finally views on both sides of the existensialism vs nihilism battle, without picking one. After all, the media always reflect the peoples's morlity. Definetely, decades ahead of its time.

Easily, Network, simply because is one of the best films ever made.Videodrome? Good movie, but, come on, it's not even in the same vicinity as Network.

i love both, but i prefer videodrome

Both sharp media satires. The only problem about Videodrome is that James Shithead Woods is in it. Network, otherwise, is really great; the "I'm as mad as hell" scene gave me goosebumps. Real art.