Network vs. 12 Angry Men



Great matchup!

Whoah, that's a hard one. Slightly 12 Angry Men, but Network is a masterpiece also.

Gotta love Lumet. 12 Angry Men above his second best, Network.

Network does have its merits but, let's face it, a lot of it is just plain goofy. 12 Angry Men is so much more brilliant.

I don't care to much for Network. 12 Angry Men is by far the better film in my opinion.

Network did nothing for me. 12 Angry Men all the way here....

Well, I do care for Network. It has a lot of social commentary, great acting and I also loved the satire. My only complaint is that there’s about 20 minutes you could’ve cut out. 12 Angry Men is as close to perfect as a film can be! It never slows down or has a dull moment. Superb acting, a compelling story and great dialogue. It’s hard to fathom that a film that only sets place in one room can be so interesting!

i love both, but even though 12 angry men is impressive in its minimalism and grace, i prefer network's satire and scope

Not a big Network guy, but 12 Angry Men is perfect from start to finish